Technology for service management, process automation, help desk, service desk and shared services

Shared Services Center Management

The Shared Services Center is an unit within an organizational architecture concept developed by global companies in the late 1980s and early 1990s, which consists of centralizing and consolidating administrative activities in a dedicated department, which helps to eliminate redundancies, standardize processes and reduce costs.

The IT, Finance and HR functions were the first to adopt the Shared Services paradigm, followed by Purchasing, Legal, Marketing processes. With the success all over the world, more and more companies and areas are identifying the advantages of spliting operations and strategy. This is leveraging and causing the overall adoption of SSCs in Brazil. Recent studies indicate that more than 500 SSCs are in operation in the country.

Ellevo is a pioneer in the technology for SSCs in Brazil, developing specialized systems to support the first Brazilian Shared Services Centers over 15 years ago.

Help Desk Management and ITSM

The development of ITIL in the 1980s established a new standard of good practices in IT service management.

The technology departments find, through this methodology, ways to optimize internal and supplier service levels, change management, asset control and structured communication management, aspects that, according to global studies, represent 80% of the company’s time and efforts in IT.

Adopt an ITIL-compliant IT through Ellevo systems and reach the next level of maturity!

BPO and Service Desk Management

Lean companies, with a strategic vision and focus on the core business, seek to use their most valuable resources – time, people and internal processes – in activities with maximum added value.

This vision has leveraged outsourcing operations, or BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), as a way to reduce the points that the company’s leadership needs to control directly.

However, outsourcing itself brings challenges for both actors in the process, because service providers need to adapt to the specifics of each client, and each company that outsources requires levels of service, values and consistency that support its business.

Whether as a BPO and services company or one looking to outsource processes, Ellevo can help you maintain control, visibility, service levels, pricing and process customization for every need.

Workflows and BPM

Workflow management is vital for any department’s transactional processes and operations, as it allows you to organize, forecast, mitigate rework, optimize time and resources, and achieve operational excellence.

The big challenge is that processes and technologies change, and therefore, your workflow tool needs to be easily configurable, and support custom automation, low maintenance and easy integration with other business software.

Create complex workflows, with approvals, integrations, automations and full customization with Ellevo, one of the most complete workflow systems in the world.