Peter Drucker, besides contributing with innovative ideas about Philosophy, economy, psychology, and history can helps your company with metrics in Service Management.

The innovative ideas from the Austrian Peter Drucker still inspiring organizations and leaders all over the world. The “Father of Management” didn’t limit himself only to interpret the business management of his age, but in its future implications. Drucker was also concerned about the use of metrics, not as abusive indicators or control tools, but to use as a resource for every company increase their performance. According to Drucker, “if you can measure it, you can improve it”.

Although years had passed since his teachings, it is possible to realize that many companies still struggle and could improve through the right metrics to the Service Management.

See below 3 essential questions to potentialize the metrics to the Service Management.

  1. What to measure

The metrics to the Service Management must be direct and also coherent with the company’s goals. It doesn’t make sense, for example, to measure something you can’t follow and improve.

Understand that it will be more valuable to measure, for example, the number of attendances opened by attendant each month, once this quantity will not shows the real productivity x quality of the service made by your company.

An attendant can open hundreds of attendances each month, however being highly efficient to look for the solution for all the questions and issues from the customers. In this case, analyze and opt by the metric that will aggregate value to your company, for example, number of opened and solved attendances by attendant instead of only number of attendances opened by attendant.

  1. How to measure

This task is easier if you have a Service Management Platform, no doubt. By the way, companies that try to measure their attendances’ quality manually or through spreadsheets will, sooner or later, as soon as the demands increase, to decide by an automated solution to organize and improve your attendance.

  1. Why measure?

In a very simple way, you measure to have an increasingly effective Service Management, this is to make your attendance faster and assertive, and consequently, internal and external clients to fell well-attended and valued.

Attended metrics allows knowing and following, totally certain and secure information about:

  • Each employee activity and productivity;
  • The employees impact of their demands in productivity and profitability of your company;
  • Attendances capacity from many departments(Support, IT, Human Resources);
  • Frequent requests, average answer time and the cost of each attendance;
  • Demands related to any particular item, for example: Hardware, software, application systems, network devices, documents, procedures and setup;
  • Consequences related to IT infrastructure changes (Hardware, software, furniture and other materials/equipment).


These information allow the decision making based on real facts, substantiated on daily events from the managed areas like attendance, HR, purchasing, among others, or just internal activities management and business processes.