Check out three essential characteristics to implant self-service in your business without compromise your client satisfaction

Probably once you already were in a self-service that helped you in nothing. That is bad, but when the situation is seen by a different angle, when you are the service provider and your customer is unsatisfied with the self-service provided by your company, you may be compromising your relationship with.

While a poor self-service may displease your customers and cause discomfort regarding your company, an efficient self-service may be a great ally in your customer’s satisfaction increase, so it must be efficient and bring benefits to your business, and especially to your customer.

See below 3 basic requirements that may transform your company’s self-service in a customer’s satisfaction tool.

1 – Meets the main needs of your customer

Which are the major demands received by your company’s attendance department? These are the questions that need to be evaluated when implanting self-service. If it is possible to be solved by the customer without the need to open a call, these are the ideal functionalities to be available in your portal. It could be a question clarification, a call opening, a duplicate Invoice, a bill, to follow up a delivery status and more.

2- The self-service is connected to the service responsible department.

Another fundamental question is, as soon as a request via self-service is registered, it may be directly directed to its responsible department or professional. Using this technology in your favor, efficiently, there will not have any information mismatch and the most urgent requests may be dealt as soon as it is registered.

3- Intuitive

Think about you: If you have the option to solve your problems or necessities without the need to find out a phone number, to call, wait for the answer, ask to call to the responsible department and so on. Many customers like you also prefer not to do the entire process. If the customer doesn’t want to call or send an email, it means the step by step to the registration must be easy and fast. Focus on easy access, clear and simple information.

Each of this criterion is important to make your company’s self-service rising efficient or be properly revised.

And in your company, the self-service matches all the requirements listed above? If not, what does it last for it to reach the efficiency?

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