Brazil is currently one of the world’s major players in the cosmetics market segment. One of the top 20 brands in the world is Brazilian and according to Euromonitor International, the sales in the beauty and personal care industry reached R$109.7 billion in 2018.

Ever-expanding ̶ the Brazilian Association of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Industry (Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Higiene Pessoal, Perfumaria e Cosméticos – ABIHPEC) shows that in the last five years, the beauty market has grown 567% in the country  ̶the segment also faces challenges in keeping the business sustainable. To ensure competitiveness, technology is a great ally to the cosmetics market.

Check out here 4 technological advantages in the cosmetics industry:

High sales volume control

Thousands of products are produced, sold and delivered by the great cosmetics brands of Brazil. Keeping an effective track of orders, shipments, and deliveries are essential to ensure the success of the sales and guarantee that the end-user is satisfied with the product they are about to buy.

To have good control, nothing better than a well-defined work script. It is how technology will help in the management of activities, and also in the query of order records.

A good management system, integrated into a platform for the management of activities and services is essential. That is because single access to an integrated environment across all sectors of the company ensures routine compliance and easier adjustments when needed.

Omnichannel service

Cosmetic companies bet more and more on two lines: stores and independent sellers. This successful model also has challenges and one is ensuring a broad range of product distribution.

Spraying a brand in this environment is a great gain, but the omnichannel service requires some attention, and this is where the technology comes in.

Quickly serving requesters, for example, for order delivery, is an action that needs to run smoothly. A corporate portal, which gives requesters more autonomy in placing orders, resolving issues, and performing small services, such as bank payment slip and tax invoices, makes the service routine easier.

This kind of technology also relieves the customer service area on the cosmetics company, by automating most of the daily activities volume.

Chatbots to make the process easier

Following this reasoning, requests need to be centralized to guarantee the efficient delivery of products. Many doubts may arise from franchisees, physical stores, or independent sellers.

Chatbots that solve several of these issues that come via social media and apps, for example, will speed up the service.

Unified finance management

Finally, a shared services center, managed by an efficient platform focused on this approach, provides integration for several processes. Finance management is one of them.

Billing, notices, due date validation, tax invoices, payment slips, and other bureaucratic services can be centralized and automated. Thus, the team can focus its efforts on improvements and new solutions, keeping the company in steady growth.

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