The Support is the responsible for internal problems resolution and guarantee of infrastructure maintenance of big companies, as well as complies their function: attend the customers requesting.

How to guarantee these tickets management, both internal like external, a way to ensure the productivity and the customer satisfaction, without sacrifices your contributors?


Check below 4 tips to optimize the ticket management in your company and to transform your sector of Support:

Action parametrization

The first step is to define clearly how the tickets will be solved. This can look like a simple action but is needed to take into consideration the company reality, their structure, the recurrent problems and the types and means which requests are received. The ideal it is to use just one channel to tickets opening, and that these are recorded. Beyond, with the attendance historic will be each day easier to attend similarly requests. This way, requesters and professionals responsible for the company support win more security on time to solve any problem. On parametrization is also possible to split types of tickets according to each professional skill or split by sectors. For example, requests received from the HR remain with on professional, while another one is responsible for the tickets opened by the financial department.


An important tip is to create fields they should be filled in the moment of the ticket opening. Urgency degree, problem type (as the error print that shows up on system screen for example), is information that expedites the process of resolution by part of the support team.

Creation of time for answers

This tip may seem pretty obvious, but besides of don’t let the tickets without return, had to give a return as soon as possible and assertive. For this should be established a time, and this time should be fulfilled to the letter. Is needed to have an efficient management of the sector, but also can be important count as a tool that records all the orders and facilitates their classification, as like: answered, in progress or not solved and that record, which is the time for ticket expiration, how much time was dedicated to each request and also each attendant general time. Beyond this, even the tickets will not be solved immediately, is important that the requester know that one professional is already verifying the order and as soon as possible will send a definite answer. All this properly registered and easy consult.

Priority levels

It is important to classify the tickets according to the urgency degree. System bugs that prevent important company actions, for example, need to be viewed as quickly as possible. The apparels change with any defect, a program installation or another solicitation less important can wait more time to be answered. It is clear if the requesters could opting the priority degree of their main ticket, he always being the highest possible, probably we done the same, for this is important that the request criticality be the decision of the support team or from the area manager. Is important that this classification is visible and clear to the team and she is being used to guarantee the job for the rest of the company or the rest of requesters is not affected.

Qualitative and quantitative measuring

Beyond the quantity of tickets answered into a month, time to return and a number of realized activities, the measuring also should evaluate the work quality. This can be done from the analysis of recidivism, not solved tickets or timeout actions. Why and how are questions that are needed to be answered in reports of qualitative measuring. They are fundamentals of strategic decision-making and even the hiring or dismissal professionals.


The support is the first customer contact for doubts elucidation and problems resolution. One of the most important sectors of the company cause is the customer satisfaction or unsatisfaction key, not talking about the time and investment that can be lost with a support inefficient sector.

From the tips above, which one do you would implant today in your enterprise? What is the necessary planning for the long-term actions will put in practice?


Start today the necessary changes and see in a short time the productivity gains on your company.