Cloud computing allows us to have information everywhere and totally independent of installed computer programs. The apps and services are used through internet, but works like it was installed in the computers, locally.

The term “Cloud computing” means, in a simple way, the apps/services execution are not fulfilled in a physical server inside the company, but “in the cloud”, an abstract representation of the internet.

Solution to Cloud Services Management

In case of platforms available in cloud, it is important to comment about the term “SaaS”, it means Software as a Service. As the name says, it is software developed and used as a service. The users don’t need to invest in use license or even computers or servers to use it. The cloud model foresees monthly payments according to used resources.

A solution to Cloud Service Management allows organizing the attendances, and with this, attends internal and external demands of your company. The cloud technology provides more information security, cost reduction, high services availability, practicality and the guarantee to be working always with updated versions.

Know 5 advantages of a Cloud Service Management Solution:

  1. Security

Information security is one of the most recurrent questions and in fact the one that scary the most and mobilizes companies around actions and investments.

Independent of its size, companies from every segment need to prevent improper accesses and all kinds of threats and cheats against your intellectual patrimony.

If you worry about information security that deal with thousands of internal and external calls to the company, then a Cloud Services Management solution is the best option. For example, IBM and other big companies offer this service, have a Cloud host and work with the most modern and sturdy tools to provide total information security to their clients. The Ellevo has a partnership with IBM and there is a cloud platform version with them.             

  1. Cost Reduction

Cost reduction with free apps for cloud computing and payment over resources actually used, without demanding extra costs with use licenses to the software installed in each computer.

The company reduces its costs with infrastructure and implements a Service Management solution quickly. The updates, in its turn, are made automatically, with total information security. The most technical questions are under responsibility of the cloud host provider company, so your company has more time to dedicate to the business. All those who have a professional IT environment know how much it represents. Not only from the installation and equipment, but how the resources with personnel, competencies and certifications guarantee the environment availability.

  1. High Availability

When you use the files locally, it means, installed in your own computer, the advantage in not depending on the Internet or any local network and, therefore, work off-line.  However, the disadvantage of a local storage is related to the fact that the information keep restricted only to a computer.

A cloud solution allows the company access all information via internet,   faster and secure. IBM ensures crash resistant software, hardware and energy services, keeping them working all the time.

  1. Practicality

With a Cloud solution, your company will not need to do local installation, it means, in every employee/user’s computer. Also it is not necessary to storage it in local servers.

The companies that provide cloud storage are responsible for all the processes involving this service: the storage, and also, maintenance, update, security, backup and information scheduling. The user or company doesn’t need to worry about all these aspects, just need to access the services, apps and any file through the internet.

  1. Update

It’s hard to imagine a company that doesn’t use any kind of software. And if it has software, it naturally emerges the need to enjoy the latest version, with new resources and upgrades.

With a cloud Service Management solution you don’t need to worry about updating versions, minimum requirements of work stations and painful installation once that every question are answered by the service provider.

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