How is it the Corporate Portal on your company?

Which is the attendance process to internal and external customers of your company?

How do you communicate with them?

Did you think about how the attendance process on your business can be more efficient and practical?


The adoption of a corporate portal is a strategy that changes the activities management. When it was used in a correct way, this tool brings a series of benefits to different kind of companies. It also to be used on communication and relationship with the external customers, the corporate portal is also an efficient HR resource, facilitating the actions and professional demands.

Discover 5 reasons to adopt the Corporate Portal on your company:

There is nothing more unpleasant than the need to wait for something essential for hours or days, moreover, in the age in which we live. Once a sector is overwhelmed, inevitably, a series of demands end up postponing. With a corporate portal, the company can choose to launch some actions in the service model. Second billing slip, bank slip or receipt, such as the registration of any criticism or suggestion. This way, the customer does not have to wait and solve in a few clicks his problem.

Focused professionals in which is really needed

With the processes organized and well distributed on the portal, the Requesters are forwarded directly to the sector or to the professional responsibility to solve his demand. Therefore, the attendants are focused on your functions and don’t lose time with orders redirecting or unnecessary contacts.

Closeness to the customers

Facilitating the routine of applicants bring them more satisfaction. At the same time, the relationship between supplier and customer becomes closer, as percept how much the company thinks in his necessities and demands. The quick and easy contact proposed by the corporate portal tool requires that previously generated conflicts – such as lack of assertiveness in service – be performed and resolved in a more practical way.

Transparency in communication

When your company uses the corporate portal as a means communication, leaves it clear guidelines, actions, and planning. Show that care itself with their professional performance or with customer’s welfare. That transparency is indispensable to the good relationship and progress of the activities. When your company uses this kind of resource to communicate, also can leave in her the information that really cares, choosing, inclusive each her disposal.

Customizable corporate portal

Choosing for a customizable corporate portal, your company has the freedom to choose which services are essentials to be included in self-service and which information will be available. Therefore is possible to let the portal with the face of your company. The data on the market in which it operates, HR information, images and access area are created according to the demand that takes the most time of the team and that more draw customers attention. The analysis and process control turned more efficient and practical.

Can you see how a corporate portal can be combined with the quality of the attendance and information dissemination in your company? Does your company already have a corporate portal with all these features?

Ellevo has a platform that enables the automation and integration of your business processes, including integrated into other features that facilitate your attendance process and information dissemination to internal or external customers. Don’t waste time, contact us and turn your communication clearest and efficient!