One of the major challenges for development managers today is hiring and retaining good professionals. In general, companies suffer when it comes to increasing staff: according to ManpowerGroup, 43% of Brazilian companies have difficulty in hiring employees. By 2019, according to IDC consultancy, the lack of information technology professionals will reach 161 thousand places. What do you do to avoid seeing your team understaffed? What leadership and communication attitudes should be taken to attract good professionals? This is one of the challenges for development managers. And more: How can you be sure that you are hiring the best workers? This is what we are going to talk about in this article. You will see a number of tips below. Follow us!

  1. Have a good employer image

With the shortage of IT workforce, professionals are choosing where they want to work. Therefore, it is important that the company communicates well its differentials, the benefits it offers, and the advantages of choosing it as an employer. This requires marketing actions, digital presence, participation in events aimed at developers, among others. It is necessary to arouse the desire of professionals to always have a good talent bank interested in hearing a proposal.

  1. Provide a good working environment

The younger the professionals are, the greater the difficulty of working in extremely formal environments. Generations that have just entered the job market no longer accept the old job patterns. It is important to innovate, flexibilize schedules, and provide a creative environment; promoting the team’s interactivity through an environment that is inviting to dialogue can also make all the difference.

  1. Be aware of LinkedIn

LinkedIn today is the main professional showcase. People assemble their curricula in this social network and share information about their universe of action. If you want to hire the best developers, it is important to know how to deal with this platform (researching, interacting, detecting information that helps you identify the most skilled people).

  1. Ask for HR help when hiring

Human Resources professionals can contribute a lot with behavioral and psychological analysis of the candidates, even if they do not know the ins and outs of a development operation. Even when the final word is yours, it is very interesting to see the HR analysts’ assessment before hiring. They can help you see details that you may not perceive.

  1. Provide a fair wage

It is very common for IT entrepreneurs and development managers to complain about the high turnover of their teams, but they do not realize that they are offering wages below the market practice. And there are also details that go beyond salary. Companies that offer benefits as an education aid tend to recruit more qualified people and, most important, retain them in their workforce.


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