A key strategy for most Brazilian companies is to make the most out of the December holidays to fulfill the team’s vacation scheduling. At this time of year, it is quite common that there should be a sharp drop in demand in many sectors, except trade. Industries from different segments rely on collective leave days and thus they reduce a potential shortage of professionals at other periods of the year.

But for HR, vacation programming can be challenging. Besides the labor issue, it is necessary to plan demands, structure, and cash to proceed with everything as expected. And nothing better than relying on technology to ensure good programming and reduce possible impacts on the structure.

In this post, we will highlight 5 tips to streamline your team’s vacation programming.  Check it out:

1-Create parameters according to labor standards

The last labor reform brings some changes in regards to vacations, especially to the benefit installment plan. Be aware of these changes and use flexibility to support you. One of the most important tips to simplify internal vacation programming is to create some metrics and good practices, particularly in cases of collective vacation leave.

Setting a prior start and end date, in addition to the number of professionals that each sector should have, despite periods of leave, such as at the end-of-year, are important issues to avoid setbacks.

A good way to improve monitoring is to have a pre-defined set of rules and best practices available within the digital activity management tool. Thus, the performance of actions that go beyond the parameters ends up making it impossible for the professional to proceed with the vacation scheduling in their activity control system.

It is, therefore, important to have a flexible management solution that allows the parameterization of rules within your business.

2-Divide the tasks and define those responsible for the demands

HR is commonly overburdened on collective vacation periods, followed by 13th month pay and hiring. For this reason, the demands of the sector must be well divided so that every professional knows exactly what their responsibilities are.

Once again the technology is a great partner in this regard because within a platform of activity management some actions can already be directly attributed to the professional, making it clearer to the requester of a certain demand about who will meet them.

3-To reduce errors on vacation programming, eliminate manual processes

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. It will be impossible to create a reliable benefit history if technology is not your ally. One of the most common errors of HR when programming vacations is to not have a macro view of the work. This results in double vacations for certain professionals or expired benefits for others.

In the end, the result is a direct financial impact, whether in vacation payments or the absence of a particular professional in periods of high demand.

Replace the old spreadsheets and manual processes by using a platform for service and activity management. By using Ellevo’s solution, for example, it is possible to create a service catalog, making it easier to carry out the vacation schedule, the request of the professionals and in solving team doubts. All in a transparent manner, with the assignment of responsible parties, history, and predetermined rules.

4-Be supported by experts

Having suppliers who support you on vacation programming can be a good solution to avoid possible errors, especially in the legal field. Be sure to ask for support from your accounting or legal advice to ensure regulatory compliance and effective benefit distribution.

5-Integrate work with other sectors involved

There must have transparency and proper communication between leaders of different sectors when it comes to vacation programming. This is because there is such an impact in other areas, from production to finance. Companies that use the Ellevo platform can create activity scripts that help to facilitate this engagement.

Such vacation setting results in tasks that are created automatically, using predefined rules, for other sectors. When registering in the system the benefit granted to a certain professional, the responsible for the finance will receive the scheduling activity of payment, the manager may receive an activity regarding the absence of the professional and even their credentials for access to the company may be suspended in the period.

In other words, with technology, a chain reaction to vacation programming improves communication and the implementation of actions resulting in the granting of the benefit. It is all quickly without overloading the teams.

Do you want to know more about vacation programming and how technology can support this and other actions in your HR? Talk to our experts and keep yourself up to date!