Our guiding principles

We are always on the lookout for the latest technologies and geared towards the corporate governance, Ellevo believes that migrating forward is essential, and only in this way we will achieve new growth possibilities. It’s imperative to use the best features available on the market to provide more efficiency in business routines, in order to remain competitive and prepared for the changes that occur at all times.

Growth is sustained to Ellevo, if the processes and products evolve, the brand will keep up the evolution of the times, thus achieving success.

With Ellevo Platform, you can manage the connection between teams to reach out towards new horizons. With Ellevo, your company may go further and with greater connectivity.


With a team of experts in IT, in 2006 the company is born, which through the system 0800net, achieved national recognition in Help Desk.

In a short time, in addition of being acclaimed as the pioneer in management of shared services, Ellevo became a complete platform for documentation and management of activities in all departments of several companies sectors.Through the consolidation of the product and the company under the same name, in 2017 Ellevo starts to place a unique visual identity, providing clarity and recognition of the Ellevo brand.

With its headquarters located in Blumenau (SC) and office in São Paulo (SP), the Ellevo Platform has more than 1000 customers throughout the national territory, who use the platform in all Americas, Africa and Europe. There are more than 10 million users, who are processing more than 300 thousand tickets and 80 thousand emails per month.

Between 2017 and 2018, Ellevo launched mobile app and the chatbot. Seeking for innovation in the IT market, we provide a wide array of features to our customers.

“Ellevate” the communication of your company to another level with a Platform of Excellence in Customer Support, Processes and Services Management!

A successful brand for a successful business

More than being symbolic representation of entities, the brand has the power to enable all audiences to identify which company is being represented, whether by products, structure or services. For this reason, Ellevo has also undergone an evolution on its visual identity, seeking elements that would identify its desire to be always at the cutting-edge of technology. In every moment of its history, the company came up with images and colors that would clearly identify its purpose. Firstly directed to help desk processes, the conventional shape of a telephone provided inspiration for its logo. Created in 2002, the design was used to designate the 0800net product, which was actually the name of the company.

New logos for the product and for the company

In 2006, Ellevo adopts two different logos: one for the company and other for its product, 0800net. The product identity has framed into renovation, gaining rounded lines and an abstract figure, which has still remained a telephone service.

Under the motto that emerged to create agile and efficient solutions, the company’s logo is created. Being developed in marsala and black, it brings firm and straight features.

Lighter and modern identity

In 2015, a lighter and modern identity, with discreet shades, appears to the product. Recalling the initial designs, with a modern concept, the brand is strengthened throughout the country.

In the same year, Ellevo’s logo raises for innovation, inspired by the meaning of the company’s name: to elevate, to praise. The wing and the flame, which both represent the two elements of Ellevo’s essence, are now in evidence. Wings to fly ever higher and increase the results, and fire which raises, strengthens and transmutes all around.

Product consolidation and company: unified visual identity

Through the product consolidation and the company under the same name, in 2017 Ellevo begins to place a unique visual identity. By this time, the logo comes totally reformulated and different from what has been embraced since then. Light gray, water green and black come to compose the visual identity, focused on technology and innovation, characteristics that are in the DNA of the company. The design, which inspires evolution, is the result of constant search of the company, now strengthened under a single identity.

Growth is a continuous process at Ellevo, if products evolve, the brand evolves as well.

  • 100% national
  • + 1000 customers
  • + 10.000.000 users