You may have heard of agile methodologies. They began to be developed even in the 1990s, but only in recent years they have gained space and been implemented more often. Controlling the production process, visualization of work stages, more assertive development of IT solutions, better customer delivery, and a more efficient routine are some of the advantages that agile project management can offer.

To ensure the use of an agile methodology within a company, technology support is essential. There are hundreds of agile tools and methods that can be applied in your company. But do you actually have an efficient tool to manage the entire software development process, from the opening of a demand, approval, development, QA and the most important, your customer’s satisfaction?

Here at Ellevo we use our platform for agile project management. We control all demands through Tickets: whether it is an improvement, a bug or any other type of request. We set up forms for all types of fields, so that during an opening ticket procedure all necessary information is filled in. As a result, we avoid rework or time wasted when searching for data to perform a certain action.

Having all the relevant information we begin data analysis, we develop the demand and then our QA team ensures that it has been met as requested. These professionals perform a regression test throughout the system and, in the end the demand is released to our customers.

Agile project management platform: cutting-edge technology for more productivity

In each of these steps when performing a ticket by Ellevo platform we can set features to take any action inside or outside the solution. This means that we can have through graphs and reports, an accurate management of the time spent on each task and on every stage of the process.

Configuration management is performed at Azure DevOps through integration with Ellevo. Every time some source code is changed, all automation tests are run and a version is automatically generated and implemented on our servers.

At DevOps, we use the Scrum methodology together with Ellevo. In this blog we have already talked about this methodology, click this link. Every ticket opened in Ellevo is integrated and maintained along with the DevOps, all changes are replicated between the systems. We have the traceability of all items generated from each of the company’s products; Ellevo, Chatbot, Mobile Apps.

With Ellevo platform we manage the demands, the teams, results and deliveries with one single purpose: achieve customer satisfaction. The result: effective control over demands, decision-making based on suitable and reliable data and more productivity of our team.

By Bruno Pinheiro, Ellevo Development Manager