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In a sector mainly focused on operating technology, the basic industries and the largest in the agribusiness sector have found opportunities to modernize their IT due to the rise of Industry 4.0.

The convergence of administration technologies with those of the operation brings the chance of digital transformation to the back-office, in order to support and follow the evolution of production systems. Departments such as Purchasing, Quality, Maintenance, Projects, IT, HR and Finance benefit from using Ellevo’s systems in the automation, integration and quality of their administrative processes.

Ellevo helps companies like Transpetro, Bunge and BRF in their challenges of efficiency, transformation, business support and innovation.

Case studies

Case Sotreq

With the Ellevo Platform, Sotreq develops a methodology for controlling and managing requests for System Demands

Through the solution, the applications team started to monitor SLAs and develop actions to improve deliveries. Reliability of information and a dashboard with performance indicators are benefits that have already been identified.

Sotreq is the leading Caterpillar dealer in Brazil, and also an Ellevo client since 2011. They manage more than 20 thousand monthly tickets through the Ellevo platform, with approximately 64 thousand applicants and 400 registered attendants (as of 2017). In addition to the IT, HR, Finance, Building Maintenance, SAC, Audit and Controllership, Procurement, Legal and Backoffice areas, the company’s Applications vertical began to adopt the solution. With it, Sotreq implemented a new methodology for controlling and managing requests for new demands for systems.

According to the Applications coordinator, Anderson Lira, Sotreq bet on a parameterization that allows the use of Ellevo Platform to manage new system demands. With the functions Tickets/Tasks/Forms/Routes, the control processes are now automated. Through Ellevo process automation, new tasks are automatically opened after the end of the previous process, for example, reducing the time dedicated to this alignment between teams.

“Our goal was to ensure more efficient control for new system demands, from request to implementation. We did not have a tool for managing the portfolio of demands that included our work methodology, which did not guarantee a unified view and monitoring of each demand. With the configuration of tasks, we were able to carry out all this work within the Ellevo Platform, which guarantees us a much more efficient management”, he says.

The executive highlights that, among other benefits of the solution for the applications area, there is control of SLAs. “We now know which situations are on schedule and which ones need attention. We also understand the causes of a demand not following the determined flow and we can address these issues. We now have a reliable history of each demand, visibility into the responsibility of each professional and their productivity”, he comments.

Since 2017, when it was implemented, until February 2019, Sotreq’s applications area has already carried out 101 projects, ranging from improvements in the company’s management solution to the development of new systems, according to the company’s business needs.

According to Anderson, the Ellevo platform’s differential to ensure the progress of processes is the dashboard with a unified view of the processes. “On this control panel we have all the information related to our performance, which gives us important visibility for organizing demands. Before, we didn’t have this easily, which made it difficult to manage the area. Now we can still carry out unified reports in a simple way, being able to present the results to the management with more confidence”, he concludes.