Who is there in the area of technology for a few decades, well knows how the beginning of the segment in the country was. The batch processing mode, when information were typed and then processed in a limited space through the operating systems, was the first step for automation in the companies.

Since then, a true evolution has occurred on the technology marketplace, which has led companies from all sectors to re-invent themselves. The arrival of microcomputers, the use of internal servers, connectivity and cloud computing are just some types we can list that have transformed the way to operate in any business segment.

Within this context, technology not only evolves to keep pace with the market, but the market itself needed to adapt to new models of management and control of data. All of this, always with a very clear purpose: to achieve better Business Intelligence, through well defined and controlled processes, to ensure increased productivity.

In recent years, we observe the growth of the technology sector around the world, the arrival of new programming languages, the expansion of ERP systems and several satellite applications that operate integrated to the companies. We have seen artificial intelligence become increasingly present and a real tool in business routines, we realize that every year new platforms evolve and leverage more interesting and faster technologies for business.

In this new scenario, platforms for controlling and management activities gain space in the companies. Solutions that measure team productivity, creating integrated guides and tasks have been essential to sustainable business growth.

And with business automation these new technologies are becoming strong partners. After defining processes, companies will not only have clear routines and reliable knowledge management, but also will reduce the amount of mechanical actions previously done by people. A classic example is the HR. In people management, a simple shutdown can result in more than 20 following actions, ranging from cancellation of benefits and access of passwords to exams for dismissals and badge delivery. All this, when some activity has been done without automation, it takes time, emails exchange and telephone calls do not always occur in satisfactory way. Through automation, each process is opened automatically and the charge team can only advance as soon as each step is completed.

This ensures security, meeting deadlines and, of course, better time experienced into strategic actions.

By Carlos Alberto D’Avila, director of development of Ellevo IT Solutions