It is increasingly common that we come across such a service being performed by virtual assistants, the well-known chatbots. According to Gartner, by 2020, 85% of customer service interactions will be carried out with this technology.

But what few companies are considering before getting in the chatbot mood is the structure behind the use of this artificial intelligence resource. Without the proper complementary structure, the chatbot can be just another resource without the expected profit, such as reduction of cost and service time.

Before you decide to include chatbots in your customer service, it is important to set up some processes and automate functions to ensure a 100% optimized application. Here are some examples:

1-Have a service platform: this will make it much easier to apply virtual assistants to your company routine. When a company already uses the Ellevo platform in its routine, for example, it already has the support of a service catalog and a well-designed performance routine. Besides, the platform already has information about customer service history. This makes it much easier to identify possibilities of chatbots application, the main demands that it will have to respond to and faster customer service.

2-Forget manual work: if you are going to use chatbots, keep in mind that it needs to be used to replace your team’s contact with the customer. If this does not happen, it is because there is some loose end in the application of technology. Those who adopt a service platform to do so in order to avoid human service are actually avoiding a waste of time and professional work overload. To reach this level, the work process needs to be well designed, leaving the team responsible for strategic work creating continuous improvements.

3-Internal or external use: it is possible to use in both cases, but for companies with customer contact, the most interesting is the external application. Issuing a duplicate of tax invoice, password change and searching of some purchase information. All this, which before would reach a customer service center can be solved in just a few minutes via app, for example.

4-Chatbot alone is not the best application: today there is another automation technology that is gaining attention in companies. It is the RPA, in which robots integrated into the systems that are already being used by a company perform operational tasks that previously used to be done by humans. It follows the same premise as a chatbot, which is to streamline processes and reduce the repetitive work of professionals. Together they are even more efficient and can guarantee a fully automated routine, with lean and efficient teams, without giving up the quality of the service to the consumer.

However, the chatbot still is a great option, and its main goal is to simplify. Customer service is much faster and easier with no direct involvement of several sectors and people.