Did you know that more than just a new technology, the chatbots (attendance robots) are essential for companies to attend customers 5.0? In this post, you will understand how the new consume relations also affects your company. See how the cognitive intelligence will begin a differential in your business, especially in maintenance and search for new customers:

New consume relations

Informed, totally connected and judicious about what it buys. This is the customer 5.0 profile, that looks for attendance agility, wants quality from the beginning to the end and does not give up to solve any question faster.

The information viralization, especially in case of trouble, compromise the business success in unbelievable scales. A social network post can impact financially in a big company during a long period – and become even irreversible.

In this context, the companies are handling a big change in their sectors related to the customer attendance. They need to adopt strategies to ensure customer satisfaction. Among them are the adoption of work schedule, process organization for more productivity and especially the adoption of new technologies.

– Chatbots and the customer 5.0

According to the Gartner Institute’s research, in few years 89% of the companies will be competing for customer experience. It means that turning the eyes back to the attendance optimization is essential. The cognitive intelligence earns space in this search just because it gives agility and allows the identification of contexts in a conversation without need of human intervention.

There is no need for the availability of an attendant to solve any question or pendency of a customer. This is the big thing: with a chatbot, your company is 24 hours available to attend the customer, faster and practical, allowing direct your team time for strategical areas, like development of actions to strengthen the relation with the customer, by promotions, gifts delivery or delivery customization.

Meanwhile, the chatbot ensures to the customer 5.0 what is essential related to the consume: practicality and agility in demands solution.

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