Ellevo has always been following trends in the concepts and technology market. In that trend mix we found the Chatbots a few years ago. As a company specialized in customer service software, we could not fail to evaluate this innovation. In this article, I will explain how virtual intelligence occurred to Ellevo Platform and how the concept of Machine Learning has been applied in our daily life.

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The Chatbot deployment challenge

The concept of Chatbot has already existed for a long time. But, on Ellevo’s vision, its application was not the most efficient within the needs of companies using the Ellevo platform.

We follow its evolution in order to find the best possible entrance to our platform and also be a good surprise, creating user engagement and adding value to the platform.

But over the years, one item that emerged within the Machine Learning, the machine evolution, was natural language processing. It is nothing more than enabling the program to “understand” what a text informed by a user means.

In the phrase, “Is it going to rain in Blumenau today?”, it is possible to extract that “today” = it is the current day, “is it going to rain” = some climate prediction  and “Blumenau” = a city. It is also possible over time to “learn” variations of text, being able to adapt to different cultures.

Machine Learning in practice: what a Chatbot can do for you

Another key issue by AI evolution was the emergence and integration with messaging apps (such as Facebook Messenger, for example). A Chatbot would not be so useful or widespread without integration with different messaging apps. This integration allows flexibility to Ellevo platform on different media and audiences, without forcing someone to use a specific application.

I also consider integration of voice a key point. For the computer, “understanding” what a text means is already a challenging process -understanding what a person means by voice is much more. But here comes, once again, machine learning to save us. There are now services that can “translate” quite rightly voice to text in different languages and accents.

Chatbot and Ellevo: evolving together since 2016

When artificial intelligence reached maturity as I commented above, Ellevo decided to incorporate Chatbot resource into its platform. We decided to start by creating through Chatbot an interface for our system, but in a simpler, friendly and faster way. Allowing ordinary activities to be done by the bot, the user would enjoy the chat in a friendly way, as one was actually chatting to a supporter.

Shortly after, Ellevo brought innovation and it has been created to anticipate the needs for customer service. Thus, a platform of solutions (FAQ) appeared and may be consulted whenever a question is raised by the users, in order to figure out if there is any solution for their problems.

Once again, we use a machine learning tool for it, which deals very accurately even by analyzing file contents linked to the solution. This allows companies that use Ellevo platform to create a new solution to a problem by importing it to chatbot, which will enable the user to solve it.

Nowadays we see some benefits that Chatbot can bring:

  • It improves user experience and customer support: because it is done in a standard and natural way, with a human behavior touch, and not only screens with form fields.
  • Cost reduction through automated service, as some services are already addressed and/or solved, getting the supporters free to work on more difficult and strategic tasks.
  • Scalability: Chatbot does 24×7 service independently.

In short, today we have available and integrated with the platform a multi-language Chatbot, which supports instant messaging apps, which can listen to you if you don’t want to type and which can be constantly trained to always give the most faithful answer to the user.

It is artificial intelligence showing that it can transform customers support services and guarantee results far above from what we are used to predict.

* Lourenço, Clayton is a technology analyst at Ellevo, a specialist in Artificial Intelligence and who has participated actively in the deployment of the feature on the company platform. He is aware of the main innovations in technology and machine learning and can support your company towards a more efficient and productive service.