In times of economic crisis, the reduction of costs is in focus in many companies. If before the lean actuation was a dream, today she turned a necessity. To guarantee an operation more efficient and the exploitation of resources and labor, the technology is an important ally.

See how to use correctly to make your company an efficient business and with reduced costs:

Control the operation and organize process

The first step to finish with unnecessary expenses is to identify where they occur. For this, the managers need to know exactly how the job occurs and what ways the operation can be reviewed.

When we speak in the production line, this work is simpler and easy to establish. Already in areas like financial department, commercial, managing or in companies that deal with services delivery, the situation is more complex. Culturally, they are areas that don’t count on process standardization. If occurring this in your company, its time to change. Make a meticulous survey about the job format of each area and create ways where the tasks are executed. That brings more organization and efficiency to day-by-day.

For example: to the financial area, guide the professionals to verify the information and issue the documentation within the established time limit. In addition to avoiding delays, you reduce the note forwarding because of mistakes or carelessness on time of issue.

For technology companies, for example, tracking each task performed also brings efficiency. This way is possible to control the deadline, predict possible schedule delays and optimize the allocation of professionals.

Process automation

It may seem concerned only the production industry or large companies, but it is no coincidence that we talk so much about automation and robotization of the processes. Considering, for example, that the companies attendance can be made through robots, all the companies can be benefited from this new technologies. Imagine, for example, being able to insert automated processes on financial areas, as charges, and on the HR, on admission and demission of new contributors. The economy of the time and people dedicated to the processes can be clearly observed like a way to costs reduction using the technology.

Be aware of equipment life

Can not wait for the problem to happen and then look for a solution. With programmed maintenances and an efficient control is possible to reduce significantly the costs of the equipment. More than that: you avoid that important machines suffer from greater damages and compromise the company operation.

Is important to also remember that won’t only physical machines can give problem, but that programs and software could have expired the license and leave teams unemployed for lack of the necessary to execute the processes.

Have a review process and run them periodically, always signaling and registering every action or improvement made.

Bet in intuitive processes to costs reduction

If the client himself can solve a small and eventual problem, why should his team need to worry about it? Easy and intuitive processes, besides an efficient communication between customer and supplier, are very important actions. The tip is to count on with a corporative portal or a communication system as a robot that allows your partner or user to issue notes, access specific documentation or take questions.

With duly effected changes and an efficient control system, you can achieve leaner operations without compromising results. In your company, what actions are taken in this meaning?

List them and put into practice those that still not happening in your company. In the medium and long term, it will be possible to see reductions in costs with actions that did not seem to exist before.