Although offer attending to the customer looks something too basic to worry about, there are certain challenges to establish an effective contact channel, and also laws that regulates the client attending activities.

The very first step to make a good CSR happen is to know all the laws and fulfill them at all. One of the main questions is the company must provide a free attending channel for the customer to ask questions, make complains or suggestions. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR), that recorded voice we always listen when we call to any call center, it also has to offer in the first menu an option to talk directly to an attendant.

To guarantee more efficiency to your company’s CSR, fulfill the laws are just one step. A well-managed department is also important to the company keep in line with the laws and, most important, let the customer satisfied. See below some tips to a better CSR performance:

Understand what is happening between the company and the customer

Keep recorded of all conversation with the customers, even by the ID or any other data for unique registration follow the entire previous request by that customer and specially, if the related problems were solved, how long lasted it, what attendant answered, etc. With these records it is possible to know, for example, how many deliveries got late, if there are recurrent problems with specific products or if the deadlines are being met.

Besides that, it is interesting for the company to have a customer satisfaction survey and it is recorded properly. Listen to your customer; it sees your company and your attendance by a scope you do not know.

Manage the received information

To have your customer’s trust, it is not enough to just attend them. More than that, it is necessary to fulfill their needs and expectations. As we said last topic, the tools used in your customer’s attending department must allow the registration of each received contact and direct to the team or responsible employee. Periodically analyze these data. Based on them, you would extract your customer’s perception and will be able to, for example, to redesign your product’s package, invest in logistics management and even do individual activities with the customers. Did the delivery got late? What about send a gift to your customer? Techniques like these create a customer loyalty and make your company a respected brand.

We also add the companies must have conscience that the business world is not analogic anymore, it is digital! Invest in technologies that facilitate the relationship with the customer. Chatbots, for example, are great solution to a fast customer attendance. Many times human intervention is not necessary and the customers fell satisfied to solve their problems or questions online, in a quickly and independent way.

Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP

Big companies are centralizing their attendance actions, looking for extremely professional processes and for attendance excellence. Some are already using chatbots and automated processes, with artificial intelligence support. However, the process of continued improvement demands that all the information stay available. Only with a tool that allows a complete attendance chain management is possible to share fundamental data for the processes evaluation. So, the manager will be able to analyze systematically the performance of the department, facilitating the decision making and optimizing the work inside the established rules.

And you, How do you manage your CSR? Which problems do you face the most? Leave your opinion in the comments.