Customer relationship is a challenge for companies since all times. But the technological evolution, in combination with a new consumer culture and a new way of life make customer service an even more central point for business success.

This statement is quite clear in several studies. One factor, for example, is the steady growth of online sales. According to Ebit, only in 2017, the e-commerce market reached R$ 47.7 billion. Such a picture reflects a new behavior pattern among Brazilians: according to a study by Kantar, online shopping proves that consumers in the 21st century prioritize time and energy savings in their shopping experience.

And if the consumer has no more time to waste, offering high-quality customer service is essential. But how can you guarantee it? We have listed some tips to help your business evolve with the market and ensure good customer service. Check it out!

Good service starts with relationships

More and more customers want to identify themselves with the brand when buying a product or service. An example of this is the growth of social responsibility criteria in consumer choice. Fleishman Hillard, for example, found that 70% of consumers choose products and services from companies that have social and environmental impact.

Therefore, transparency in communication with the market is the first step to attract customers. Adopting good practices that are aligned with the business purpose can be the key to competitiveness in a scenario where consumers are becoming increasingly aware, connected and concerned about what they consume.

In addition, customer service must be developed in line with the rest of the company’s business model. It does not help to communicate and create an image that refers to transparency and ease if your service is bureaucratic and confusing.

According to Fleishman Hillard, 55% of customers consider it important for companies to understand their needs. And this is only possible if there is concern to hear those who buy from you. Here, we have already talked about customer satisfaction and how to measure it. Does your business already have such a practice?

Shopping experience as a crucial factor

For PwC, one of the most important issues that need to be analyzed on a company’s journey with its customer is the experience the customer will have. To get an idea, 47% of respondents said they stop buying from a company after a bad experience.

How to avoid this kind of situation? The first step is to rely on ombudsman channels and well-prepared teams to solve questions and problems. Another crucial factor for further development of your company in customer service is the omnichannel. The well informed, connected, and timeless consumer does not want to use the 0800 phone number to solve a problem. The easier this experience is, the better your business will be rated.

Therefore, in addition to an ombudsman, it is important that companies that want to attract new consumers make available channels on social networks and websites, for example. So keep an eye on chats and simplify the service!

Connectivity: customer service anytime and from any platform

As shown above, you cannot keep up with old customer service practices. If your business wants to grow, you need to consider the performance behavior of your customers and grow together.

Did you know that 71.3% of consumers consider solving the problem at first contact as the most satisfying part of their CSH experience? And that 87% of customers expect companies to offer automated customer service channels without human intervention? These data from NeoAssist’s study, O Estado do Atendimento ao Cliente no Brasil (The State of Customer Service in Brazil), show that connectivity has been a key issue to conflict resolution and resulting consumer satisfaction. Be aware of that!

Using chatbots at an early stage can be the solution to easy and fast customer service across multiple channels and at any time of the day. An example of interaction in this format is Ellena, Ellevo’s virtual assistant, which conducted more than 30,000 interactions only in the first half of this year. In addition to being used on the company’s own platform, this feature can also be integrated to major communication platforms, such as Messenger.

To learn more about customer service best practices, check out here and here. Do you want to get to know Ellevo’s service automation tools and ensure the success of your customers? Visit us here and talk to us!