Increase your client’s experience and promote more facilities and productivity to your team
The loss of information and lack of records are recurrent problem at commercial department. Precisely to avoid this problems many companies adopts CRM as a strategy. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is nothing more than the development of relationship actions to identify client and prospects needs, in order to work some commercial strategies based in these information. The main point of attention is who buys or will buy something of your company.

However, to adopt a CRM Platform is just the first step to an efficient commercial management. It is important to work on the team’s behave and count on a solution that allows the creation of a detailed history of all touches with the client. The first CRM advantage is the history centralization the company controls. Even if the team changes, the data will not be lost, because the platform guarantees information security, with an option to release custom accesses.

Another key factor to CRM success is the integration with the e-mail, to guarantee that the information will be imported to the platform. Thus, even the vendor chooses to make a contact by e-mail, the data will be recorded. Proposals, tenders, and other materials involving the area can be stored.

Count on a CRM Platform provides facilities and productivity to the routine   

Some of the biggest challenges to the commercial manager are controlling team’s schedule. There is not always an efficient communication and it may harm the work progress. With all the information, tasks and data recorded, there is another advantage: The creation of directed strategies.

Without recording commercial processes, the improvement points are not able to be analyzed. An organizational culture focused on the CRM process, aligned to an efficient platform eliminates these problems. The manager can create action plans, cut unnecessary cost and also pay attention to key clients.



Besides the famous sales funnel when the year is coming to an end, the companies start planning next period’s goals. The records done in the platform guarantee reliable analysis, reports and graphics show each vendor’s productivity and the investment made by them. It is not enough only adopt a strategy, it is necessary to apply it. This is how the CRM becomes an efficient tool.


Which of these advantages your company already enjoys and which still have to be implemented?

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