The technology was created in partnership with IBM’s Watson Project. The chat and voice application interacts with the caller to control the room temperature of the company’s servers

Pointed as one of the trends in information technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already a reality in Brazil. The “bots”, robots programmed to interact with humans through conversation and writing became part of the Ellevo’s solutions portfolio, an IT company in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Ellevo had partnered with IBM within the global AI Watson project in the first half of the year, now has a fully functioning internal application. Developed to control their servers’ room temperature, Ellena is Ellevo’s first example of IA application.

Through audio and chat is possible to check which of the conditioned airs in the room are connected and the temperature they will be programmed. It is also possible to adjust the machinery, leaving the room cooler or warmer, as well as turning the equipment on or off.

See Ellena controlling the servers’ room environment.

Carlos Alberto D’Ávila, Ellevo’s director, explains that the pilot provided to the company the vantages of the application dialy and specializes in its technology development. “We already have bots being created to clients, but we first decided to develop an internal project, so  we can exemplify the dialy vantages of this AI. Through the integration with the servers room, Ellena identifies and interacts with the interlocutor, answering the requested information and signaling some adjustment possibilities, without human intervention”, says.

In 2017, the company projects a 50% growth and the investment in Artificial Intelligence is the great bet to reach the results. Ellevo has also undergone a commercial and brand reformulation and a products platform optimization. With IBM, the partnership also takes place in Bluemix – Vertical Cloud Infrastructure, as the company’s applications are hosted in the global enterprise cloud, one of the safest in the world.

Ellevo currently attends companies like BRF, Renault, Grupo Positivo, Fiesc e Senior Sistemas among other national and international renown companies.