Ellevo Platform

Complete, enterprise-grade solution for Customer Service,  Process Automation and Shared Services Centers

  •   Process automation
  •   Custom Integration Builder
  •   Centralizes data
  •   Supports 15+ languages
  •   Mobile app included
  •   Omnichannel capabilities

Discover how Ellevo can make a difference in your business

More than facilities, the Ellevo platform provides SECURITY and PROFITABILITY for the business

No business is like another. Even within a corporation, each branch has its own peculiarities. One of the great differentials of the Ellevo Platform is its flexibility and ease of integration with different systems. Highly configurable, all platform modules and functionalities fit the processes within a company.

Corporate management has faced problems such as:

  •   Loss of data and knowledge
  •   Too many channels to manage
  •   Human error
  •   Turnover
  •   Lack of means to transfer knowledge quickly
  •   Rework
  •   Unnecessary expenses
  •   Task and time management

Processes management and technology for automation have contributed to optimization, continuous improvement  and cost reduction. By automating processes, one can have full control of storage, access and analysis of everything generated, from start to finish, in a single data pool, which can be accessed whenever necessary, enabling data-driven decision-making, in addition to ensuring the transfer of knowledge: Even if a professional is dismissed, a new employee can easily assume their duties, as everything is managed through one system.

Processes get efficient and predictable because automation, ensuring process integrity. Each routine can be improved, spending less management. People need to free their time and dedicate themselves to important and innovative tasks to enable the strategic advance of the business. Ellevo will help your company into this journey.

About the Ellevo Platform



15+ languages supported.

Mobile App

iOS and Android native app to enable you to do your job any time, anywhere.

Knowledge Base

Keep knowledge of solutions for known errors, streamlining the service process and optimizing customer satisfaction.


Virtual agent with cognitive capabilities, available 24 hours a day.

Approval Workflows

Allows the manager to approve all transactions ensuring efficiency in operations.


Rreal time metrics tracking of each sector.

Satisfaction survey

Through personalized forms, the satisfaction survey generates accurate metrics for your management.

Service Portal

Your own customer service website, where requesters can open new tickets, communicate and track their requests

Customer Service Management

Custom, automated and integrated ticketing, task and time management system


Manages contracts, SLAs, service terms and consumption of services directly through the ticketing system

Inventory / Asset Management

Control IT and non-IT assets, managing maintenance and licenses, enabling total cost control and transparency

Dynamic Forms

Build custom forms with mutiple data types and real time queries, both within Ellevo Platform or through APIs

Service Integration

Integration building and management tool to connect the Ellevo Platform easily through Rest, SOAP, webhooks and other common integration protocols

Change Management

Monitors and controls change processes. Allows you to automatically generate actions for each step of the process, meeting ITIL best practices.

Online Chat and Remote Access

Online chat and remote access tool to empower support

Process Automation

Custom automation builder that enables event-listening and time-based triggers

Configuration Management

Allows radial and adjacent graphical view of CI’s with dynamic registration of relationships. It integrates Inventory and Change Management functionality, meeting ITIL best practices.

Email Management

All input and output of information via email is recorded on the platform, preventing the loss of information. With shared corporate emails, no message is lost or forgotten.

Discover how Ellevo can make a difference in your business