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The moment demands that
companies be more efficient
Much more efficient.

Conquering customers is getting harder and harder. And more expensive as well.

Capturing and retaining skilled, productive and motivated workforce is a constant challenge in the current socioeconomic scenario.

Only by creating a permanent, consistent, and efficient connection between customers, employees, and processes can your company reach the level of organizational excellence that new times demand, pushing results to another level.


We have been established in Blumenau (SC) since 2006. We are in a city that is considered one of the main poles of technology in the country, with pioneering companies in many innovative practices adopted by the sector.

Our goal is to develop complete solutions for the management, control and automation of processes and activities focused on the best practices in the technology area. We are constantly evolving in order to offer systems with quality and innovation.

Our solutions platform is based on the main needs of our customers. 25% of them are leaders in their areas of activity in Brazil and in America. This naturally demands a lot of quality and efficiency as well as it generates some natural knowledge by the level of requirement of the companies.

Our team is formed by qualified and constantly improving professionals, and since 2006, which is the year of our foundation, we have a unit in São Paulo (SP). We operate throughout the country, in addition to the clients we have in the United States and Angola. Currently, over 200 large and medium-sized companies use technologies from our solution platform, totaling more than 100 thousand active users.