Corporate portals have always been part of the reality of companies. In addition to being a source of information for customers and professionals connected to a particular brand, they have also become an important tool for interaction and services.

Before talking about how to transform and broaden the possibilities of this tool into business, it is important to better understand what it really is. Many people still understand a simple website as a corporate portal, which is not the best definition. Actually it is much more. It is an online environment that brings together the interests of companies and partners, resulting in simpler and faster processes of customer support and services.

An efficient corporate portal is one that facilitates the routine of both, the company which it belongs to and its customers, whether internal (employees) or external. It is a place where you can ask questions and perform simple actions, making it easier to understand products and services.

This post brings you five examples of customer support processes that can be included in your corporate portal. Check it out:

1-Frequently asked questions

This is one of the most common fields used in corporate portals and can be the starting point for the implementation of the tool. Every web environment of a company that aims to simplify processes should adopt the well-known “Frequently Asked Questions” tab.

In this place should be included the everyday information that is always relevant for certain departments of the company. For example: when it comes to HR, there may be data on the process of scheduling vacations or requesting a certain benefit. When it comes to external customers, the common questions recorded in CSH can be answered here. The delivery time of a product and the process for changing an access password, are examples.

To find out what are recurring demands in your company and which can become frequently asked questions, it is important to check the log history of requests. To understand how simple this process can be, just imagine how it occurs in companies that use the Ellevo platform to manage their services and activities.

You only need to generate a report from a particular department to quickly get information about the most frequent demands and the ones that take the most time from professionals. Thus, this work is reduced or even no longer exists thanks to the corporate portal. And teams can focus on strategic actions and more complex projects meeting quickly the demands.

2-Integration of different fields

Have you ever realized how much time is wasted only by changing accesses in certain environments? According to a survey of Gartner, queries like email, company portal, and information in physical documentation consume about 30% of our working time.

It is literally a waste of time, which can be avoided by integrating environments via a corporate portal. Through a single login, the internal customer (your employee) can check emails and documentation, register activities, and ask questions. This process is essential for those seeking more productivity.

3-Artificial Intelligence

A virtual assistant, a customized chatbot that meets your needs, reduces the time of customer services drastically and also the demands of the teams. This feature brings the corporate portal to a new level and significantly extends the improvement of processes within a company.

With an artificial intelligence feature, the portal user gets answers in real-time at any time of the day and does not depend on the availability of an attendant to answer simple questions.

On the other hand, the customer support team reduces working time of demands that can be solved without their intervention. Along with the area of frequently asked questions, a chatbot makes a corporate portal much more dynamic and efficient.


Operational issues require most of the time. Withdrawal of a duplicate invoice, submission of information letters, automatic responses, research on some specific data, sending information to a particular department. All this can be much faster and more practical if executed through automation.

The digital transformation has elevated the corporate portals to a new level. By using automation, preprogrammed robots do actions that before depended on people. They now occur instantly, with no risk of errors and without repetitive and unexciting work for those connected to the service.

5-Data Management

Real-time data and registration of all processes are also part of automation, creating in the company a cycle of continuous improvements, based on reliable historical records. With a well-defined process on your corporate portal, based on the topics above, the improvement strategy and information management are a result of gains. Companies using Ellevo platform have an easy integration between all departments and everything that is performed by the portal can be measured. With the tool you can be informed which are the frequent demands, team response time, issues that may be automated, and other key details for more efficient management.

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