A Shared Services Center (SSC) can be a game-changer along the company’s path. The correct application of this concept results in several gains, especially with better-structured processes, increased productivity and reduced operational costs. According to Grandview Research, the SSCs market has grown by 30% in the last three years and is expected to consolidate among large and medium-sized companies by 2022.

For your company does not stay out of the concept and to optimize results and processes, check out five unfailing tips to be successful when implementing your SSC project:

1-Find out more about your internal process

Strategic alignment is one of the key issues in SSC projects. Before starting the implementation process it is necessary to understand what opportunities can exactly be explored with a Shared Services Center. Therefore, it is important to know the internal process itself, the business challenges, and how professionals perform their tasks. It is from this mapping that you will define what will be executed by your SSC, and by such clear information, it will be possible to draw your service catalog (learn more about service catalogs here)

2-Leadership is essential

Be supported by the teams, especially by their leaders in the SSC implementation process, will be primordial. That is why you should line-up orientation meetings and embrace the main professionals of each area that will be affected by the project in the process. The SSC arrival often impacts directly on the work culture of the company and, therefore, people need to be engaged to support the project implementation.

We have already talked about this issue here.

3-Develop a clear workflow

Making corrections with the ongoing process of your Shared Services Center will lead to lower profits and hinder the success of the project. It is therefore important to maintain workflows as clear as possible. After mapping the processes, as we pointed out in item 1, it is necessary to set a workflow strategy and then to apply it into the SSC.

An example is the hiring procedure within HR. Who is responsible for a particular action? What sequence of tasks will need to be done and which departments are involved (release of access, the structure of work for the new professional, responsible manager, document delivery, release of benefits). When the flow is 100% set it is much easier to include it into the SSC.

4- Use technology to your advantage

Automation is a major ally to reduce costs and increase productivity. Make sure to invest in tools that will ensure controlling and managing actions. RPA and chatbots are examples of technologies that are booming and can make work routine and customer service much more efficient. Find out more about RPA here and about Chatbot here.

Another advantage of a platform for your SSC management is fast decision-making, based on reliable data. A management dashboard, for example, ensures the visibility of all actions and fast decision-making to optimize processes.

5-Be supported by experts

During your SSC implementation process, be sure to be supported by experts, they will help your company to improve processes. They can help you to define flows, activities, improvements, and to apply technologies. They will also show your team how SSC benefits will improve your way to perform.

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