In recent years, it has become common to hear about the use of chatbots and artificial intelligence at help desk services. This kind of technology, which is already a reality in most companies, follows the process of digital transformation that the economy faces, and supports companies in the search for more efficient processes.

One of the main benefits of investing in new help desk technologies is that people can focus on more strategic issues, while the machine is in charge of operational work. And in this new scenario also new challenges emerge.

Check out four of them that are part of the help desk in the digital age:


Mobility has changed the consumer universe worldwide. Nowadays it is easier to purchase a product or service online, quickly and without major bureaucracy. This new scenario also requires agility in the service to customers, who seek quick answers and solutions.

Therefore, self-service, with a properly designed database, reduces a number of tickets and gives autonomy to the customers to solve most of their doubts or needs. They can, for example, check delivery times, visit the order status, cancel a purchase or even withdraw a duplicate invoice without actually passing through the help desk team.

2-Your customers are more informed now than ever before

That is why they want the companies they relate to be aware about the information they share. Therefore, it is essential that the customer service team is ready to answer the questions that often arise from consumers.

They also need to have quick access to information about the customer’s order or account. This is a benefit the Ellevo platform brings to you: it allows the attendant to consult the entire record of a ticket, for example, in addition to check important data on a particular situation that has generated the service. This effective communication conveys credibility to the customer.

3-Social Networking: a potential powder keg

A fully connected world does not only bring advantages. Surely you have already followed cases of bad service being exposed on social media, calling into question the credibility of a company.

Nowadays, the consumers, besides being more informed, are active and independent to speak matters out when they consider important. If the service provided by your company does not take into account the needs of the consumer, you may end up facing the consequences that complaints bring.

Then, keeping the customer service record and having a global view of the help desk actions helps you to get into strategic actions and avoid delays and delayed responses.

4-Help desk working on the cause of the problem-wherever it is

A Google survey shows that 90% of consumers move between devices when they are making a purchase. In this context they may require assistance on the most diverse platforms on which your company is – e-commerce, social media, websites. This means, in the digital age, the integration between channels and working on the cause of the problem make the difference for a successful help desk.

Betting on technologies such as the Ellevo platform gives companies an important gap because they allow quick control and access to information. With all data recorded, the ticket management is much more effective and the manager can also identify common issues in the service, which result in improvements in the company’s performance process.

Frequent complaints about packaging, for example, when monitored on the platform, can result in product improvements, solving a problem effectively and not just as a short-term measure.

Learn more about these and other help desk challenges and how the Ellevo platform can support your business by contacting our team here.