The documents related to suppliers’ products and services need a special attention in any company. There are points the contracts management that cannot go unnoticed: Among them are the period of validation, kind of contract, fines related to deliveries and no fulfillment of deadlines, legal norms.

So, to manage these documents through the Ellevo Platform will bring many advantages to your company. See four of them:

– Without space on e-mail

When the contracts management happens away of a system thought for this routine, unappropriated options that were not designed for this kind of management are used. It is the case of the e-mail. In the e-mail, beyond the space used by the attached documents, the company is in risk to have the materials lost, out of date or even got unnoticed by any stakeholder. With the Ellevo Platform, this problem will no longer exist and all the stakeholders are able to see the latest version, as well as it says. Stored in the cloud, there is no problem with document space limit, usually limited when e-mailing.

– Physical x Online version

A contract stored only in a shelf is in risk to be forgotten. Beyond the possibility of losing the document, there are other common problems: preservation of sheets during the time, deadlines forgetfulness or specific services, information sharing information with professionals that are part of the established deal.

– Tasks Assignment

A communication mistake may generate damage – including financial – to the company. In contracts management, we may mention the fulfilment of deadlines or service renegotiation. With the use of Ellevo technology, the manager solves this issue through the tasks assignment. Each step may be recorded, with deadlines (SLA) and accompaniment of activities history related to it. The system also shows late deadlines or close to the deadline, making the routine more efficient.

– Updated Versions

How many changes were done in any contract? How many people had access to it or are involved? The answer use to be the same: Many. Beyond counting on a change history, the Ellevo Platform ensures that every employee has access to the latest version. This is the certainty that the job is happening in the most effective and trustable way.

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