Join in a new company is not always easy. The adaptation period includes, knowing the company history, their work routine, and the integration with new workmates. And the Human Resources managers are the most important part to help facilitates the hiring and integration process for new employees.

Today, we approach some of the most frequent questions from those who join the company and how the HR manager and his/her team can make the hiring process easier and efficient. The arrival of a new professional, when well done, also helps the team to reach a higher productivity, because a displaced employee may harm the processes’ progress.

See the fourth topics we consider essential to ensure the success during the hiring process of a new employee and how they can improve your team’s routine:

Necessary documentation to hire

It is not new that any employees can start their job without being registered properly. This process is important for both company and employee, it will guarantee its rights. To the HR, it is worth requesting all the documents, as admission certificates, work card, photo, schooling and residence proof, and also the specific documents according to the job to be done.

To make the process faster, the best scenario is a previous identification of all processes by the HR, through some pre-programmed tasks. The new employee, as soon as hired, will receive all the instructions related to the admission. This process changes a little bit from one position to another just because this is necessary to standardize these tasks inside the department.

Don’t hesitate to arrange everything in advance and deliver all the documents to your accountant or any other competent organ what requested was.

Presentation of all Benefits

It is the utmost importance that the new employee has total access to the information about the company’s benefits during his first day. The delivery of the meal allowance, health insurance, and discounts referred about them make the employee integration more clear and secure to him. It is important to make sure that all these tasks are mapped before the new employees’ beginning, to ensure that everything will be properly hired within the deadline.

Presentation to the leaders and team

A well-placed professional needs to know who he/she will report to, as well as how to get in touch with the immediate superior. And beyond mere formality, the presentation to the workmates and hierarchical superiors also includes the admission process.

The HR team can facilitates the arrival through an integration process or even sending a statement to the team, presenting the new member. Before the beginning of the activities, the Human Resources should take care of giving to the new employee key email contacts, phone number from people he/she will work with.


Feedbacks are required

It is up to the superior to give to the new employee a north about his/her performance and point improvements. In case of the company doesn’t have the habit to do periodical feedbacks, it is important that the HR follow the new professional first steps. This feedback from the managers to the just hired professional helps him/her adapt faster in the corporative environment.

With the Ellevo Platform you can automate the hiring processes and other HR activities, turning the integration of new employees and department routines more functional, clear and standardized.