We have already told in the blog about the importance of the relationship with the 5.0 customer. And in the Help Desk this concept also applies. Even in users support inside the company or customers, it is fundamental to value services by quality, with agility, transparency and control. So, it is essential to count on a management platform in the area that allows these and other benefits. With a structured system, your company will extract data related to the tasks done, optimize the service and correct recurrent mistakes.

See below four tips to ensure a correct choice in Help Desk platform:

1 – Bet in an accessible interface

The more practical it is the better it will be to follow the tasks. So it is essential that the interface be accessible and intuitive, with channels to ease the communication between customer and attendance, speeding up the demands resolution.

When opting for a system, choose one that not only adapt to your business, but also brings enlargement possibilities, being also used in other business areas.

2 – Evaluate the offered possibilities and new Technologies

The cognitive intelligence is one of the most importante questions in this way. It is because the chatbots, attendance robots, ensure more agility through an automated attendance. They not only follow a script, but also interpret the dialogue, easing the problem resolution and search for solutions.

Other question that ensures more ease to the Help Desk control is the automation. Systems with this differential make the routine easy, with activities merely operational being executed automatically.

3 – Choose a company that values the proximity with the customer

Even in platform maintenance or in inovation, it is essential that the company thinks about news that fit with its reality. Search for a supplier that is able to give credibility and is committed to listen to suggestions and support in your company routine improvement process.

4 – Security and availability

It is an essential technical matter. Bet in systems that are hosted in trustable places, like consolidated cloud companies. It is the case of Ellevo Platform that uses the IBM servers, for example. This action will ensure platform availability and ensures that no mistake will compromise your company work

As you can see, a Help Desk service counts on important variables that must be analyzed in decision making time. Do you have questions or want to know more about the subject? Get in touch with our team.