The company processes organization brought the development and control of goals beyond commercial department. Nowadays, client attendance sectors, human resources and even communication area count on defined deadlines and periodic goals.

Inside this reality, how can you do goals management efficiently?

We have listed below four actions that will help your company in this process:

1- Document all the established goals

After studying the Market and create the annual strategic plan, the manager has in his hands the necessary data to establish the goals to the team. More than just create them it is necessary to keep an updated and accessible history for all the stakeholders. The hint is to use any kind of integrated communication to it. A system to record activities and control processes may help this routine. In this platform is possible to assign activities to employees and keep everybody informed about the goals’ status.

2 – Evaluate the work progress periodically

A common company’s mistake is to evaluate the results only in the end of the established period. When it happens, there is no possibility of improvement in the processes and even alignment to increase productivity. So incentive the team to keep their actions recorded for previous reports and data generation. The decision making only will be effective if the manager has trustable information. Again, count the technology on your side so no data, activity or action gets wasted in the process.

3 – Has a solution for record and management

There is no way to keep competing without guarantee more productivity. Systems to control the routine, processes and services are essential for goals management. Trough it you will be able to evaluate properly the results accomplished, the ineffective action s and the contacts that need more attention by the team.

4 – Clear communication is essential

It is not worth to establish goals and rewards if the team don not know it. Invest in internal statements and periodicals, incentive actions and a panorama of the results from each period. Show the employees they are listened. Also, point mistakes and hits in a defined frequency to let the routine get improved. So, with the use of technology allied to an effective communication, the goals management becomes more productive.