If in the past the HR was responsible only for the paycheck, today the department became a complex area, with many assignments. The hiring process, however, is one of the most common tasks and demands time and organization by the team. Action plans with Marketing, training, recruiting, and even an “ombudsman” are parts of the tasks routines for those who work in this area.

Do a hiring routine efficiently is a great challenge, once it goes through some bureaucracies, like the requirement of an extensive list of documents. To organize the task, we list three fundamental attitudes the Human Resources must adopt. Following this tips plan turns easy to do, new actions and quite reduces bureaucracy time.

  1. Define a standard to the hiring routine

If a company you work does not count on a schedule to be followed, the organization is the very first step. It is necessary a detailed process and activities mapping that involves hiring and register them. From this on it is easier to start all the availability of activities.

Inside the definition of a standard, also is indispensable register all tasks and let clear who will be responsible for each one. This data also must be recorded in public place, so in case of a professional to be away from the company, the activities will not be harmed. The tasks can be in the company’s system, through a Shared Service Center. Necessary documents and third party contacts (like accounting and occupational physician), also need to be in hand.

  1. Eliminate the paperwork and stablish deadlines

Employees’ manual, rules related to the work journey, company history, travel routines and manager’s contacts must be passed along the new employee. Nobody likes to save an extensive paperwork as soon as arrives in a new employment and it is necessary to keep this data in an easy access local. So finish the printing necessity and make the documents about the company routine in a virtual environment.

An online documentation, in one only database, for the access of every professional, also facilitates to do changes and includes new topics. Every action to save paper and has more agility in communication. It just needs a statement to the new employee or for all the team to have access to the data.

It is important that the tasks, even the hiring than the others, have established deadlines. It ensures that the attendance become more efficient and it will be possible to measure team’s productivity.

In the hiring process, each second counts. When a manager decides to expand the team is because the job needs reinforcement and as quick the hiring process is, the faster the demand will be supply. To the HR manager compete to follow the process and evaluate improvements and finish unnecessary tasks.


  1. Centralize the contact in one channel

The phone, besides generate cost, many times is the responsible for an incomplete communication. Already the email is not always forwarded to the right responsible person for specific task or can be lost in mail box or go to spam box as well. To facilitate the contact with the new employee, establish an efficient channel. The ideal is to make this process by a system that centralizes all the tasks and count on a trustable solicitation register.

In the admission process, this centralized contact facilitates the document control, new employee work beginning deadline, integration and hire statement to the team and managers. Furthermore, it allows everything to be mapped for future improvement and reduce of that known seek and hide among the areas. Document delivery solicitation, signatures and relevant information will be sent by only one channel, from its own desktop.

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