The term is increasigly usual in brazilian companies’ routines. And many segments are felling the impacts of Industry 4.0. In this new business model, the technology is the main ally for productivity gains and market share.

Many solutions are becoming frequent in production routine and support the manager during the decision making process. And in few times there will not be space for companies that are not prepared to step up into the transformation to Industry 4.0.

The main impact for your business will be the decrease of employees in operational positions and the increase of specialized labor. Modern machines, allied to software and robots that support the production increase are reality.

A classic example is the use of chatbots. The CSA, for example, they ensure the agility to the questions and solicitations answers, giving the client fast feedback of their requests. For the company this means a lean and efficient routine.

Just like this technology, the process automation is increasingly bigger. Operational labors are done by pre-programmed software according to the company’s area model. The solutions are not generic, but developed and customized to ensure total adherence to the business routine. An attendance portal, for example, can ensure to the client precise information without the need to contact the company. Also provides an effective and unified between sectors and unities, keeping the operation acting in a standardized format.

Another new of the Industry 4.0 is the cloud computing. The cloud storage brings not only security to the information but also facilitates the access. With the increase of number of mobile devices, the web became an indispensable management tool.

If your company does not count on a cloud system, you end up with high infrastructure costs. So you cannot invest in other business areas. When your software is in cloud, the control happens from anywhere and the company has fast access to information for the decision making.

The Ellevo counts on a complete platform that agrupa all the necessary functionalities to make your company ready for the Industry 4.0. Get in touch with us to know more.