The process that involves the information technology management and execution bring to the companies a big challenge. Measure results, keep the schedule on line and ensures an aligned team are fundamental actions to guarantee the project delivery a success.

Through the management not only a department is involved, but most of the company’s. From the Commercial that sold the project to the documentation.  Development team, after sales and management also end up get involved. The knowledge of all the involved is fundamental to the success of the project and client satisfaction.

Even experienced companies, three factors compromise the success in Project management and may take company financial situation to a chaos. Keep aware to them and see how to improve the management in your company:

Bad defined processes

The technology area has a singular characteristic: the high increase of most of the companies working in this segment. It is wrong who thinks only XXI startups reach above average market results. It also happened with the first IT companies, created during the 80s and 90s. The main impact is the absence of a well-planned structure. Everything happens fast and demands a flash adaptation of the employees. Bad defined processes, bad time management, lack of tasks definition and roles of each member of the team are the most common problems.

When it is time to put a new Project under development, many variables are not take into account. From client particularities to the type of technology involved. The consequence is the cost increase and a company net profit reduction, as well as a discouraged team and even lost in relation to the definitions that happen during the way.

Align all the process and have an organization chart, with predetermined parameters is de best solution. It is necessary to map the work progress done by the teams, identify and correct mistakes. In this process, suggestions for those involved directly in the task, from the commercial agent to the responsible for the after sales, are essential.  In the development area that deals with logic questions, a special attention to the task record is necessary. And this is the next difficulty we will discuss. Only with activity record and labor time will be possible to quantify the cost and project result.

Lots of trivial information, less relevant information

Have you ever thought in how everything could be faster if involved people had central and fundamental information in their hands? The lack of communication, even between manager and team, or departments, is a big problem when the subject is project management.

The first step to deal with the problem is to escape the most common trap: Believe that have a lot of data is enough. Focus your energy and attention to record information and vital data for the project and its progress.  And no use to count on this survey (that must be meticulous, but not trivial), if it is not reach by the involved. The most interesting is to record everything the way all involved have access, and be able to contribute. Keep everything thrown in email, or use only the “by word of mouth” is a big risk. Centralize the information organized and hierarchical allows a global monitoring and an effective control.

Project Management without performance indicators 

The delivery was done and now it is necessary to check the team performance. This is the third difficulty we point here. Many managers do not have on their hands the data that shows how much expenses with specialized labor, travels, time and equipment were invested in the project.

The lack of complete and effective monitoring indicator makes even the service pricing changes. Measure team productivity is not an advantage but also a necessity, even more in times of economic crisis.

The best way to solve this question is to count on a platform specific to tasks record that allows performance analysis. In addition to know how much the cost and team performance is, it is also possible to do a detailed search and correct possible mistakes.

In short, good projects cannot let the program team think. Amazingly, programming must execute. And for this, must be everything drawn and the business rule previously defined. Even because, if it is not written and defined, probably the project will not be profitable.