A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is nothing more than a type of measure that is used to evaluate the performance of a company, team or professional. The KPIs are essential for the manager to be able to assess whether the results acquired are in line with the business strategy.

The major challenge of analyzing the performance is to know how to manage these indicators. In fact, most leaders work on a tight and quite challenging agenda, in which there is no time to conduct a comprehensive study of their people’s performance.

Therefore, it is essential that the KPIs, once established, can be followed by visible and easy-to-analyze records. That is where the Ellevo platform comes in, which allows efficient management of your team’s performance metrics. Know how:

– Activity log and performance report

It is essential when defining the team’s performance metrics that they may not only be put into practice, but also monitored daily. Many companies use agile methodologies to control their projects and they gain an additional support when they are monitored by the Ellevo platform. We also use our solution internally, as highlighted here by our manager of Development, Bruno Pinheiro.

Within the Ellevo platform there is a service catalog which makes it easy to run logs within pre-defined paths. Thus, there is a “way of doing it” that everyone can follow, making the daily routine easier and ensuring to the manager that all actions will be recorded. This report overview gives the leader the possibility to measure response time, meet delivery deadlines, and main points of attention within the team’s performance.

– Management dashboard

Managing KPIs actually will depend not only on the manager’s proximity to the team, but also on the possibility of having quick view of information. This is what Ellevo platform Management Dashboard provides. A dashboard with accurate information about deliveries, activities, productivity and work-related percentages appear in a dynamic and intuitive way, supporting daily monitoring of performance. Reports and document history are carried out with just a few clicks, giving more agility and assertiveness to the management.

– KPIs managed from the beginning to the end of the project

Delivery time, SLAs within a project, work-related activities that had to be performed, team productivity, main support demands, these and other information can be recorded and managed by the Ellevo platform, allowing you to have a broad vision and efficient management from the beginning to the end of a delivery.

Then, in addition to measuring KPIs, the manager can also act proactive, identifying points where team improvement is possible and putting into practice actions to optimize the work.

Not only external delivery areas can manage their KPIs within the platform, but even departments that are responsible for internal issues can measure activities in a permanent way. That is the case of HR, for example, which is able to measure information such as turnover rate, investments in training/shutdown, reasons why professionals leave the company, hiring numbers. What means: with Ellevo you have a complete platform for performance management, from end to end.