Standardize processes and increase professional’s performance go by the  organization of all company management. To make your company perform efficiently and with low costs, it is necessary to ally technology and organization. See how you can do it:

The first tip we give for those who want to do an internal organization is to do processes survey. It is fundamental to know how professionals work and measure the time they spent to perform their main activities.

After surveying and recording the activities, identify improvement points is easier. For example: How can we reduce the email swap between the HR and employees? Strategies like to send informative periodics are efficient solutions for this case. So, it is possible to create a standard to do the main activities. From sending invoices and charge bills to do the paychecks and vacation calculation. Even structure maintenance, when programmed, happens more efficient.

How to manage na internal organization?

Map all performed areas and build standards are complex tasks and may demand time. To reach a simple and effective you can choose integrated systems. Solutions for Shared Solution Center (SSC) allows all the standardization to be centralized in the system. Thus, to do an order or register an activity, the professional must, mandatorily, follow the determinated standard. Besides saving time, it will facilitate workmates and managers’s daily life.

Avoid email swap and record everything

The use of group corporate emails could be a manner to well manage information. Emails with company domain should not be employees personal use. Personal emails use must be employees responsibility and it is not recommended during  the work journey, because it generates unproductiveness and takes employees’s focus off.

Another corporate email benefits is the efficiency when receiving the solicitation. While the information still in someone’s email, not always will have a proper receiving control, through the shared boxes, the information is always visible to all the team. The use of corporate email address with integration and a SSC platform, allows better follow up of demands, information management and processes organization in all areas.

And you, how do you manage your company organization?

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