Created in 1990, the agile methodologies came to change the way companies used to manage software projects. They seek to facilitate the control and planning, while the work is “sliced”, making the activities and deliveries faster. Simplicity and excellence are also goals and they are essential for the teams predict next steps and fit something unforeseen in the schedule, letting the client know about the work performed.

One of the main agile methodologies is the Scrum that is mainly indicated in projects hard to predict and plan the future. Today we are going to talk about the advantages of this methodology and how it can improve the workflow of your company

Better control of the steps

In Scrum, the projects are divided by cycles (usually monthly or biweekly, according to company’s maturity) called Sprints. Each Sprint exists a set of tasks that have to be done. These tasks are defined in a meeting called Sprint Planning Meeting, in which the main stakeholders of the project development are involved. So, each task happens in a well-planned way and the company earns better control during the project development. If something unforeseen happens, usual in software projects development, this methodology helps to fit the work and reprogram the tasks, reporting to the client the programming performed.

Agile Methodologies guarantee better quality

Counting on well-defined processes, the programmed tasks and revised steps, methods like Scrum tend to bring better quality to the project, reducing development mistakes and bugs substantially. The preview of all stakeholders also ensures that the project is flowing as planned.

Motivated Team

Another advantage of agile methods is that Sprints with well-defined deadlines make the programmers more motivated in developing their activities. They also get more involved in the processes, are heard and supports in the search for improvements.

Well-defined scope

The Sprints and the Sprint Planning Meeting are fundamentals and help defining every new step, ensuring a well-defined scope, efficient communication and cooperation among teams. These definitions are also indispensable to guarantee a faster and continuous delivery, technical excellence and simplicity in company’s performance.

Do you realize how the use of agile methodologies can bring benefits, not only for the IT, but to all the company? Implant these methodologies are a great step into the success, but it depends lots of internal dedication and organization, being able to also count on a system or solution that uses agile methodologies, automating and facilitating these methodologies implementation process.

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