You may have already heard of the new management formats, which are gaining ground in companies. Lean, Agile and Kanban are increasingly present in organizations, and they all have one thing in common: management dashboard. Whether it is in analog format, by showing the usual sticky notes (post-its) for demands and their status, or in its automated version, with reports and update data based on information from all professionals, management dashboard has become essential for companies that want to stand out.

This is because this sharing of work information brings democracy to the routine of the business. All professionals end up in line about the work the team is developing, besides being able to classify which are matters of urgency and understand the maturity stage of the demands and their periodic results.

Today we will explain how Ellevo platform supports the implementation of management dashboard in companies and its benefits for business. Check it out below:

Manager with high decision-making powers

One of the most challenging things in management is decision-making at times when agility is needed. The manager does not always have reliable data access in such a situation, especially when controlling demands or even the methodology for management dashboard is manual. Keeping data exposed is different from having it measured, and this is a fundamental aspect of Ellevo’s Management Dashboard Panel.

Generating reports takes into consideration all data recorded by the team and allows reliable measurement. Quickly, the manager is able to have access to information about services, open deliveries and demands as well as team productivity. Thus, he acts, literally, in an agile way to optimize the tasks. His decision-making, besides being fast, is based on reliable data.

Democratization of information

Do you know that feeling part of the business is one of the most important issues for professionals to stay in the company they are in? Some details of the routine can make all the difference for employee retention. This is what happens when information flows transparently, one more of the advantages of control panels. All the team can have access to the reports and it does not mean to take the autonomy of the manager away, as he is the one who can define the accesses and data that will be exposed.

Multiple access points: management dashboard anywhere

One of the major differences of Management Dashboard Panels is that it allows to access data on several platforms: TV, monitor, computer, smartphone. This means carrying control panels anywhere, without relying on physical locations to access information.

The result is decision-making based on data, transparent communication even between professionals allocated in different spaces, and efficient management.

In addition, the Ellevo platform allows generating reports in different formats, facilitating accountability and the presentation of results. There is also the report scheduling, where the content is automatically generated on pre-established dates. In other words: technology ensures higher quality in management and more reliability for further actions of the teams.

If you want to know more about how Management Dashboard Panel can support the growth of your team and how to improve your company’s management, please contact our team by clicking here.