The meeting took place last week in São Paulo (SP) and was attended by Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft. Concerns about information security and democratization of artificial intelligence were the highlights

On the last 12th in São Paulo, Microsoft, one of the most famous global technology brands in the world, gathered guests for an exclusive event about artificial intelligence trends. The keynote speaker of the meeting was Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO.

Thiago Boufleuhr, development and services director of Ellevo, was one of those guests and has highlighted some insights promoted by the meeting. “Artificial intelligence continues to be one of the trends in the field of technology. Virtual assistants will be more and more present in business, academic and governmental environment. This is an important movement within the sector and we were quite sure to keep going the right way,” he says. Since 2018, Ellevo has been developing chatbots through a partnership with Microsoft’s artificial intelligence project.

Empowering people so they can transform their own reality through technology is one of the main projects of Microsoft. “It will become increasingly common for people to have the power to decide and participate actively in creating new solutions and applying them under their own reality. We believe in this concept, and the format itself by using artificial intelligence in some aspects, such as feeding a chatbot by the user company, for example, gives us this outlook. Relying on data related to work and having more and more information available is changing professional relationships and this should be an increasing trend,” the Ellevo’s manager says.

 The growing concern around data security

One of the most discussed topics in Microsoft AI+Tour, according to Thiago, was information security. In an increasingly digital world, with tools of data incorporation in different areas, ensuring safe storage is essential. “We have had the opportunity to follow a quite relevant debate about how to adapt companies of all sizes, including global ones such as Microsoft, according to the hosting rules of several countries. In Brazil, for example, government data cannot be stored abroad. In addition, it is essential to beware even more on this issue, assuring to companies a structure of confidence within the technological field,” he adds.

Besides the global executive, and the president of the company in Brazil, Tania Cosentino, also have taken the stage on the Microsoft AI+Tour names such as Cristian Gebara, CEO of Vivo, and Luis Felipe Salin Monteiro, secretary of Information and Communication Technology of the Ministry of Planning.

Thiago Boufleuhr is development and services director at Ellevo.