In a good market positioning and always been remembered by consumers and professionals. This is reality for some of the largest Brazilian companies. They are present on the renowned list of Top of Mind 2018, carried out by Amanhã Magazine. The award, which occurred in May, ranks nine businesses that are already part of Ellevo’s client list.

They use Ellevo Platform to organize processes in their routines and we are very proud to be part of these companies’ history! They are:

Senior: certified as Great Place to Work ® 2018, it is one of the leading technology companies in the country, with solutions for Business Management, Logistics, People Management, Supermarket Customer Relationship and Access Control and Security Management Systems. There are more than 100 thousand active contracts in companies of several sizes and segments.

Costa do Sauípe: it is a resort located in Bahia that works with all inclusive system, offering options on gastronomy and leisure. It offers inns and hotels and has been awarded in the tourism segment.

Unimed: it is the largest healthcare cooperative in the world and was founded in 1967. There are more than 114 thousand doctors and it is present in 84% of the national territory.

Natura: Brazilian cosmetics perfume & personal hygiene multinational was established in 1969. Leading direct selling model in the country and expanding operations in retail, with stores and partnerships with pharmacy chains. There are about 7 thousand employees and 1.8 million representatives.

Iguatemi: a full service company in the Brazilian shopping mall sector. Its activities cover the whole range of the business from conception, through planning, development and management of regional shopping malls, and also mixed-use real estate complexes including developments such as office towers.

Americanas: it is one of the largest and most traditional retail chains in the country. It has more than 1.3 thousand stores present throughout the national territory in four distribution centers located in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Uberlândia, and it is also an active marketplace on e-commerce. Lojas Americanas commercializes up to 60 thousand items of 2 thousand different suppliers.

Positive: a Brazilian holding company that operates in private education, editorial and computer science. It has been responsible for editing the Aurélio Dictionary since 2003. There are more than 10 thousand professionals working in the company.

BRF (Sadia and Perdigão): being present in seven from ten Brazilian households, it is one of the biggest food companies in the world, with more than 100 thousand employees and a portfolio that includes over 30 brands. Products of BRF are present in more than 150 countries.

Group José Alves (Coca-Cola): it is formed by nine companies and the group has Refrescos Bandeirantes as its flagship. It is a company from Goiás which manufacturers, distributes and bottlers Coca-Cola Beverages. It has more than 50 years of operation and it is one of the strongest and most traditional brands in the segment.

About the research and Top Of Mind

To figure out the most memorable brands in the market, the research results a Top Of Mind prize and has been held by Amanhã Magazine since 1991, it enquires the readers to think about companies and professionals that come to their minds when they think of a particular service or product.

Between January 30th and February 21st, 2018, 1.2 thousand consumers from Rio Grande do Sul were interviewed by the Engaje team, a company hired by the magazine to do this survey.

The researched field covers people of both sexes, aged between 16 to 70 at all social classes (A/B, C and D/E). The research ensures results of 95% of reliability. The error is of up to 4%, more or less, in each category.