Initially, a small team within your company was assigned to the help desk. With open registrations, these professionals remotely assisted applicants, ensuring the configuration of e-mail, solving system or printer failures, and other IT-related demands. However, with the growth business, this kind of task can become complex and inefficient if it does not go along that evolution.

The first step in ensuring efficiency of the help desk is go along the growth of demands. This can be done through an analysis of the history of incoming calls. It is also important to understand that it is not only the volume that implies in the routine of the sector, but also the type of request that is received. If in your company the growth has been a constant, start with the organization.

Many companies choose to adopt platforms to manage these tasks and control incoming calls. The technology is, yes, fundamental, but alone will not solve the problem.


Organize the help desk


The organization of processes and the application of a work routine will guarantee greater ease in the application of the technology posteriorly. It is necessary to classify, for example, priority demands of the less urgent ones. In this way it is possible to guarantee the execution of essential services in the company, without being hampered by the delay in return.

Your help desk sector still needs to get some metrics in regards to service. Among them, the most common are the deadline for return and closing of a call, number of requests answered in the month and still recurring problems. With all these well designed issues, it’s time to opt for a platform that will consolidate data and bring automation to some of the tasks.


What is the best platform for my business?


A business that is starting to grow needs a help desk system to keep pace with this evolution. Among the issues that must be observed before the acquisition, this is one of them. Many companies adopt solutions that require investments infrastructure, which may adversely affect investments and maintenance. Cloud software reduces this cost and is easily accessed without damage to information security.

Also opt for a platform that can be integrated with other sectors of the company or even other systems. This will facilitate call opening and tracking of returns.


Finally, do not give up the possibility of automated processes. One of the issues that takes the most time in the help desk is the measurement of data. If the team or manager needs to manually analyze information, decision making is time-consuming and does not always result in effective improvements. In the case of the Ellevo platform, for example, it is possible to generate reports regarding hours, number and types of service in a few clicks. So, in addition to organizing, your business will gain in time and cost reduction.