From March 15th, Ellevo Platform users have News. App Version two is released to the market, it allows to the client to manage information or record tasks, processes and services through their own cellphone or tablet.

The app that was released in the end of 2017 is one more ease to the company management. It is available in versions to Android and IOs.

Beside ensure to follow your company’s progress and team productivity from everywhere, also with the new version of Ellevo’s app brings new eases. Check it out:

– Intuitive Interface

The new layout of Ellevo Platform mobile version arrives with a more responsive visual. It will be easier to do the records and follow metrics through the app. The intuitive interface is the main feature of version two and was thought according to the reality of brand’s clients.

– Resource to insert files

Until then it was only possible to upload files to the platform through the access of computers. Now this reality has changed. Who uses the cellphone or tablet to be inside everything that happens in the business will be able to insert files by the device. The resource will ensure more agility in recording and ease, mainly, the management even if the user be in displacement or with restricted access to a computer structure.

Nowadays 30% of the clients already migrated to the version 6 of Ellevo Platform that allows using the mobile version. The solution follows a tendency, the increase use of mobile devices. Today, 88% of Brazilians have smartphones and the country is the sixth market related to the sales of these products. Already are more than 198 million devices – most of them used for work routines.

Do you want to know more about this new and how will it ease your daily business? Get in touch with us.