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Much more than being a simple CSC software, the Ellevo system is the most complete process
management system, developed for the working conditions of the Brazilian market, tested and
preferred by hundreds of companies of different sizes and segments.

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It is recommended for companies that are initiating a process formalization project and are being
restructured for the establishment of services and are in search of a greater internal maturity and in
the evolution and formalization in terms of the relationship with internal and external clients.

  • It controls the day-to-day activities of all company departments with time tracking in each activity in order to evaluate team performance
  • It establishes a management process for the service provided by the company to the Customers or Suppliers, with SLA control.
  • It implements the concept of Corporate Mail, eliminating personal emails and with accurate registration of all exchanges of information.
  • It identifies recurring tasks in all areas.
  • It increases team productivity by creating and delivering a Solution Bank, keeping the source of information in a single location with validity control of the information.
  • It establishes the process (workflow) for approving the critical actions that demand expenditures or generate impacts in the processes.
  • It has an APP for monitoring activities, including the Approval process.

elevo-pro PlansEllevo Pro

For organizations that already have defined and relatively mature processes,
providing advanced resources that generate a significant increase in the productivity of the company.

  • It allows updating the inventory by means of the manual registration of all other company equipment.
  • It displays metrics information on monitors installed in the departments, extracted in real time for assessing the performance, volume and quality of work.
  • IT park management with collection of the configurations and systems installed in the stations through an information collecting agent, including the control of the licenses obtained from the systems with “white list”, control of guarantee by component, maintenance schedule and use of the equipment.
  • It allows the establishment of quality goals and objectives through the evaluation of the services provided both internally and for customers.
  • It provides a portal with messages and information of the company, dynamically maintained with internal information and self-service for customers.
  • It implements the concept of Corporate Mail, eliminating personal e-mails and with accurate registration of all exchanges of information.
  • It allows the creation of dynamic forms for the recording of demands.

elevo-enterprise PlansEllevo Enterprise

It incorporates the features of the previous plans and goes beyond for companies
that have already reached full maturity in terms of the management of services and business processes.

  • It allows the use of active actions in specific moments of the stages of the services, eliminating human dependency, including the programmers of Ellevo.
  • It allows the use of other languages, notably English and Spanish.
  • It facilitates integration with other tools through APIs services and connectivity.
  • It enables the use of modern PMI project management practices.
  • It displays metrics information on the monitors installed in the departments, extracted in real time for assessing the performance, volume and quality of work.
  • It allows the creation of dynamic forms for the recording of demands.
  • Integrated with other services, it facilitates the management of contracts signed with banks, and suppliers of IT equipment or services in general.
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Additional modules, sold in conjunction with Ellevo systems,
for companies with specific characteristics.


Scrum Project


Inventory, BDGC and
Change Management

It allows the management of business opportunities with full management through graphs that indicate the productivity and goals of the sales team and vision of the history of the relationship with customers.

It is a global methodology for planning and managing software projects integrated with the service process. Ideal for systems development companies, although it can be used for other projects.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library, (ITIL). A set of good practices for the management of the infrastructure and operation of the activities involving IT.


Intelligence, Connectivity, Automation in Business Processes
and reduction of human dependence on Services.

avulso-icon1 PlansEllevo Connectivity

Robot services for process automation and connectivity with other company tools, allowing the identification of events and facts and generating business actions, without human intervention.

avulso-icon2 PlansEllevo Access

Contact Us tool, with remote access, sharing, chat and voip, with recording for later playback and integration to the Ellevo system.

avulso-icon3 PlansEllevo ChatBot

Support 24/7 (IBM Watson)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) digital answering tool,
integrated with IBM’s Watson project.

Ellevo System: complete as businesses need
and flexible as the market demands.

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    Solutions to meet Shared Services and Business Process Management of any company, of any size.
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    Focus on the management of interdepartmental services of organizations with or without external clients.
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    It has the resources to create a dynamic portal, enabling self-service to clients without the use of internal resources.
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    Fully aligned with Best Practices for IT Governance (ITIL) throughout the service life cycle: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement.
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    It perfectly meets all the activities related to Help Desk.
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    Monitoring of recurring activities, with the control of the deadlines (SLA) of each activity and dedicated efforts to carry out the work to evaluate the team.
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    Partnership with the IBM Watson Project, which has connectivity technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), suitable for use in services that involve a great quantity of human resources and information in several databases.

The business process revolution requires
your business to have structured data.

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