The search for productivity in the area of people management is constant. Accumulating multiple functions in an area that until recently was only responsible for payroll is the reality of those who work with Human Resources. This productivity is increasingly being charged and the industry is reinventing itself. The sector is gaining a new face, much more active in terms of people management. So much that in big companies the sector gains a new denomination: Human and Organizational Development (HOD).

That is why it is fundamental that companies and managers believe more and more in organization and tools that help in the control of actions and in the consequent increase of the productivity of the team. Below, five steps to make the sector more efficient:

Take control over information and assignments

No professional should be irreplaceable. Assignments need to be clear and the progress of each task must be recorded in a public place so that the manager has global control of the work. More than organizing hirings and layoffs, HR has the challenge of motivating and captivating people and devising strategies for retaining talent. The first step is to have a well-aligned team that can continue any action if the professional responsible for it cannot attend the company.

Count on tools to measure HR productivity

To increase the productivity of the team it is necessary to measure how much each professional produces. A great ally at this moment is an activity registration system, which centralizes all the actions carried out in a single channel. By registering their duties, the professionals in the area of people management also show their potential and how they contribute to the growth of the company. With this data in hand it is easier to assess which actions need to be reviewed and which ones should be included.

It is also possible to see where the team fails and the strengths of each professional’s performance. In addition, it is possible to reduce the time and cost of activities requiring e-mail and telephone use through a shared service center, as contact can be done via the system.

Invest in KPIs

Showing the importance of people management also includes performance indicators. It is necessary to measure not only productivity but all the work of the team and the company as a whole. Betting on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is a good tip for raising productivity. This is because, as mentioned above,  through the control of information it will be easier to measure issues related to people management, such as the turnover index, investments in terms of training/termination, sector expenses, reasons for the resignation of professionals, and hiring numbers in a given period. These data not only facilitate HR decision making and hence productivity improvement, but also ensure systematic monitoring of people management. The identification of problems becomes much faster and the Human Resources team will count on a kind of Business. Has your company ever considered having a monitor that shows the number of tasks each employee performed or that are in their queue of activities to perform?

Organize and apply feedbacks

Another key step to increase productivity in the area is to provide feedback. One must listen to what professionals who are directly on the field have to say. Recording and evaluating improvement suggestions are attitudes that contribute to a more efficient work. Feedback is still a valuable tool for aligning, with professionals, actions that need more attention, improvements needed in terms of performance, and more attention to issues considered critical to the company.

Focus on regular meetings

In order to keep staff motivated and increase productivity, in addition to feedback, periodic meetings are a great tool. They should not be lengthy or unnecessary, but focused on the points that increasingly point to issues within people management and team performance. These moments aim at presenting the results achieved and recorded in the system mentioned above. They are also essential for defining new strategies and aligning actions with lower than expected results.

Do you have a hard time evaluating employees at the time of feedback and fear not doing the evaluation correctly? Also, how do you track meeting issues regarding deadlines and accountability so that nothing gets lost? Now you can count on productivity and delivery of all sectors of the company.

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