At the end of each year, HR has the challenge of analyzing team productivity to reward outstanding professionals.

Each day, most researches show employees that feel valued have more productivity and deliver better quality jobs to the company, bringing diverse benefits. However, demotivated employees, that don’t feel recognized, lack on service quality and don’t feel engaged to evolve and make the company grows up.

See below how you can measure and recognize the most productive employees:

– Verify the number of done attendances

Get right to the point: Use a technology solution for that is easier than following excel spreadsheets. When talking about employees responsible for attendance – internal or external – it is just necessary to access the registers done by each professional from the reports automatically generated by the system. This technic is worth to any area, from commercial to HR. With a management service tool, the managers can also analyze the functions of each employee and then do any needed adjustments to improve team’s performance.

If your company does not have a technologic solution to this yet, the analysis will take more time, and the data won’t be completely reliable. It will need to spend more time on the task, analyzing selling and activities reports, trips done, attended customers on commercial area, new accounts and cancellations. The manual process ends up obliging each professional to be individually rated. One way is to observe the reports and the feedbacks’ notes done during the year and how each professional reacted to them.

– Measurement need to be also qualitative

It is not enough to know how much, but how the professionals produced. It is worth to do a research with the customers attended by each of them, an internal evaluation and also the consolidated data in your system. How many customers still in your portfolio because of to the good contact your employees did? How many came back to buy? These are some primordial information to analyze. Automatic surveys in the end of the attendances, just like you had answered once, are efficient ways, practical and automatized to do this evaluation.

– Positions and salaries aren’t the only recognizing method

During crisis period, the company won’t always have enough budget to do a promotion. Although, some actions – that don’t overcharge the budget – are essentials. Recognize publically team efforts, spotlighting those who obtained the best results. Check if you can contribute to make this professional feel better at work – he can assume an important company account; has a flexible work time, earns a day off.

– Give tools for your team to keep highlighting

It is only possible to do a good job if the company gives tools for it. And the technology is also the best way to measure the results. Some systems and platform from the market allow the contributors to register each activity, the time that they spent to execute and also the results. Thus, in the coming year, the measurement of the results will be faster and reliable.

Which of these practices can you implant in your company?