When it comes to improvement of internal processes, the word automation has gained prominence over the past years. More and more companies want to optimize their teams and increase team productivity. We have already talked here about it and today we will explain how RPA of Ellevo, Robotic Process Automation, can contribute even more to the processes of shared service centers or areas such as finance, IT support, customer service, human resources, facilities, operations, help and service desk.

But before talking about Ellevo RPA, it is important to better understand what Robotic Process Automation is. Check it out:

There is a robot in my system

RPA is nothing more than a task automation robot. By identifying standard tasks in your routine, RPA can transform these repetitive actions into systematic actions within the Ellevo platform. Thus, instead of designating a professional to perform the daily check of duties, for example, the RPA does it in an automated way.

Thus, the team can focus on more strategic and less operational actions and may only be involved when human interaction really is required, such as negotiation with suppliers.

Basically, an RPA operates between and within the systems of a company, and its function is to reduce operational, repetitive and low importance tasks.

Difference between RPA and traditional automation

You may be wondering: but what is different about RPA from automation which is already common in IT systems, called BPM? We explain: while in BPM, automation only takes place under certain predefined circumstances, in RPA there are no changes in the system, but a robot that suits to everyday situations.

BPM is basically an automation system that runs systematically, simplifying business. On the other hand, RPA operates as a kind of “virtual assistant” of the Ellevo platform, adapting itself to unusual processes within your company’s routine, working in a similar way to what already happens with chatbots. What is then called machine learning, addressed by our expert, Clayton Lourenço, in this article.

In its automation process, RPA combines intelligence and machine learning doing much more for your company than you had previously imagined.

But what is the differential of Ellevo’s RPA?

The main advantage is that it can operate in all areas where your company uses the Ellevo platform, from HR to finance, from Help Desk to your SSC. The application allows an overall improvement in your business, and it operates 24 hours a day to optimize your management model, ensuring productivity, monitoring and transparency in the processes.

One example: Ellevo’s solution can perform an automatic daily check of debt securities. It searches all the information in your systems, recording and sending warnings to those responsible for non-payment of a certain security. Depending on the case, if even with notice no one takes action, Ellevo RPA will be able to proceed, initiating judicial collection. Thus, without human interference, the entire debt collection process is solved quickly and simply.

What does your business gain from RPA? Agility, digital transformation for more competitiveness and, of course, autonomy to go beyond what is expected of your daily business practices.

Find out more about how we can work together, boosting results of your company through our RPA. Check it out here for more information, and contact our team.