One of the key issues in implementing a company’s Shared Services Center (SSC) is defining a service catalog. It is through this that it will be possible to define more productive work routines, delivery procedures according to the challenges of each department, and process automation.

In this post, we will talk about how and why your company needs to have a well-designed service catalog. Check it out!

Building your service catalog

Consider the development of this catalog the working basis for implementing or improving your SSC. It will include, for example, the help desk service routine, the main demands of HR, the work of the finance department, and the common day-to-day business rules. When the insight into these processes and how they are executed is clear, it is much easier to identify issues and improve the format of work.

Therefore, the first step is mapping the type of work carried out in the departments which are part of your SSC. Those who choose to use the Ellevo platform to manage their processes and services are certainly supported by a team of experts to run a good mapping. Our team points out the best ways and with its knowledge to gather information, it can support the companies so that this work is done with quality.

An important tip when running a mapping and developing the service catalog is the engagement of the teams. Talk to your team to understand how the activities are performed and also to your customer to find out what priorities need to be set and what needs to be improved.

The benefits to your business

With this data survey, it is already possible to get a first plan for your service catalog, including new scripts to perform the tasks. The company will enjoy more transparency and start to better manage knowledge in its business areas, and, by the way, will increase productivity with better-defined processes.

Professional adaptation of new employees becomes easier when there is a well-defined work routine. And more, many processes may now be performed automatically with the support of technology.

When creating a successful service catalog, you have available a key database to understand the company’s own work process. And from then on much of what has been done operationally by your team can now be carried out with the support of technology, without human interference.

Improvements of this kind ensure not only more organization and control, but also productivity.

Use technology to your advantage

Ellevo’s SSC expert, Gabriel Guterro, has already spoken about the subject in this article. One of the issues he pointed out is how technology can optimize processes with solutions such as self-service or by using RPA.

Another important gain is the possibility to manage your team’s KPIs through the Ellevo platform. With consolidated data, reports developed in a few clicks and real-time monitoring, the manager follows the team’s performance, analyzes deliveries and can understand which areas need attention, who is more productive and who needs performance support. Monitored deliveries also ensure an optimization throughout the entire work chain, giving the company the possibility to manage projects in an agile and result-oriented manner.

Do you want to know more about how to create a successful service catalog and how the Ellevo team can help you? Contact our team of experts here!