Service Desk and BPO Management

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Lean companies, with a strategic vision and focus on the core business, seek to use their most valuable resources – time, people and internal processes – in activities with maximum added value.

This vision has leveraged outsourcing operations, or BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), as a way to reduce the points that the company’s leadership needs to control directly.

However, outsourcing itself brings challenges for both actors in the process, because service providers need to adapt to the specifics of each client, and each company that outsources requires levels of service, values and consistency that support its business.

Whether as a BPO and services company or one looking to outsource processes, Ellevo can help you maintain control, visibility, service levels, pricing and process customization for every need.

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Communicate with customers through multiple channels and manage all service tasks from one place.

Service Portal

Offer a website for customers to track their requests from anywhere at all times.


Distribute tasks to specialists in an agile way, streamlining requests of your customers, and managing the lifecycle of their demands.


Manage contracts, deductibles, service terms and consumption of services linked to services automatically.

Service Level Agreement

Meet deadlines, analyze and measure operational data.