The concept of Shared Services Center (SSCs) is new in the country. Used for less than two decades with more intensity here, it still raises doubts regarding the efficiency and benefits for areas strategic of companies. However, having shared services can be one of the most effective actions for a company to achieve the expected evolution in its planning strategic.

Here’s how a SSC will help your business:


– Well structured knowledge management


This is one of the common issues still in business today. Often information about an area is centered on one or a few professionals. It is ends damaging the smooth running of the business, especially with the dismissal of the team members. Important information   end up is lost due to lack of knowledge management. If your business adopts a Shared Services Center, there is greater spraying of business-relevant information, and many of them   end up registered in the management platform itself that often replaced a physical center.

Importantly, this spraying does not mean that confidential data will be trivialized. With a system for recording these activities, which can even include electronic mail, it is possible to customize access to certain information. This is because each professional has a login and password and his level of access will be directed according to his function.


– Better distribution of resources


Do you know how much your company spent on maintenance internal at the last year? How much of this cost could be avoided had there been a history of maintenance of exchange requirements and reduction of losses? This is another advantage of a SSC controlled by a management system: the company relies on reliable evidence and information, facilitating decision making and improvement in the routine. So resources can be best targeted, including resulting in savings and best investment.


– Productivity and Agility


Knowing how much a professional produces and how to support it for the reduction of the gift rate is challenging. With activity records common to a management system for SSCs, it is much clearer to view this information. Each professional will have, through this platform, its well designed functions, with designated deadlines and time record that took to complete a task. With data compiled easily, it is easy to identify opportunities for improvement in the   routine of workers, insert automation in some work routines, focus the team on more strategic and less operational actions.

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