The Service Level Agreement, or SLA, is commonly used in the moment of job hiring of a technology company. With it, both parties can define clearly not only the project goals, but also the deadlines and metrics that should be done. They are very usual in support area and common in CAS and Help Desks, as it defines how long, for example, the customer that got in touch may receive an answer.

Fulfill this deadlines may be a big challenge if the supplier do not have organization and plan. The technology, specially related to automation processes, is a trump that transforms the attendance areas in environments much more dynamic and practical. It is also fundamental to be done the SLA management and it has the possibility to measure the jobs and possible unforeseen.

See below three questions that, allied to technology, need to be put in work to guarantee effective results in SLA management:

1 – Invest in team communication

Bet in periodical meetings to discuss the actions done and the proposed goals. Keep an open communication channel among the involved people, always with possibility of improvement ideas. Many times, a particular attendance may initiate the resolution of a common need and discuss these question with the team bring ideas into light and may be considered as standard, facilitating the routine.

It is fundamental to record the tasks in management solutions to let the leadership follow the team’s performance.

2 – Documentation in day

Be the contract or the actions done until now, they need to be Always updated to allow improvement actions. An important definition is the level of priority of the attendance and the tasks as well the response time for each of them. To have pre-defined responses for common questions and a designed attendance routine helps to reduce the waiting and execution time. If necessary, invest in consulting with professionals that have experience in SLA implantation, to ensure that your team follows an optimized and well-structured routine.

3 – Time is money and needs to be managed

Do you know that more than 80% of the Service Desk demands concentrate in simple requests, like a password reset? It means that a lot of tasks that pass through the companies’ support could be solved without a professional attendance. And here the process automation comes, besides reducing the demands, ensures better use of time for strategic tasks.

For a good SLA management, invest in identification of simple requests, it is since a second document copy to common question solving. The client solves the request alone, faster and the manager can work with his team more focused, acting in complex activities to reduce the waiting time, as when it lands to the attendant, it knows what it is about.  Many times all the stored information in its own robot solves the question and guarantees both sides satisfaction: the customer and the company.