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Integrated customer support across the entire organization is a key challenge for every software company.

The complexity of versions, interactions with customers, asset management, changes and projects can be a nightmare if there is no good technological support, especially in terms of ITIL compliant, in addition to the natural complexity of the sector’s commercial relations, with its contracts and SLAs.

Ellevo is a specialist in support, demand and asset management system for software and IT services companies such as GA Agrosoluções, Gruppen, Senior, SWfast, Zoom and dozens of others!


Case Gruppen

With Ellevo Platform, Gruppen adopted an automation and control process, allowing for integration between the technical and commercial areas.

Gruppen, a solution channel for brands such as Dell, Microsoft, VMware, Fortinet and Veeam, hired the Ellevo Platform in order to optimize its internal processes.

With the new system, the company replaced an internally developed tool and started an automation and control process.

Rodrigo Rocha, manager of continued services at Gruppen, says that the technology for managing processes and activities allowed for the integration between the technical and commercial areas.

“Before, there was a series of controls parallel to the system that didn’t allow us to have a quick view of the customer’s status. The sales executive could not verify the customer’s situation at the time of approach and there was not always a detailed history of approach, negotiation or even project progress. With Ellevo we are able to have a global vision of all the work”, he highlights.

Among the changes in Gruppen’s routine after the implementation of the Ellevo Platform is also the use of the concept of tasks.

“Before, we only controlled tickets, that is, activities resulting from a customer request. This did not give us a complete view of the work, as there are parallel activities that need to be monitored so that we can measure the team’s productivity. We currently have this concept and management is much broader. While in January we had 180 tickets, in February the number was 307, with the tasks already registered”, comments the executive.

With the Ellevo Platform, customers can open tickets through the corporate portal and check their franchise consumption. The goal is for 60% of requests to be made this way, giving the team more time to carry out actions within the projects.

Previously, Gruppen managers took at least a day to prepare reports and gather data for stock evaluation.

“In addition to consuming time, we ended up having to act with outdated information. Currently, the platform gives us real-time information, which is also broadcast on TVs to the entire team. There is more transparency and decision making is much more assertive”, explains Rocha.

The system also allowed Gruppen to automate project routines.

“It is almost impossible to take any action outside the scope of the project, as it is all controlled within the platform. Each wave of action is mapped and included within a chain of actions on the platform. So the professional already follows the platform parameters and still has some activities eliminated, which are performed directly by the system”, he concludes.

Founded in 2005, Gruppen has branches in Porto Alegre, Caxias do Sul, Passo Fundo, Joinville, Curitiba and São Paulo. The company has 4,300 active customers and a team of 45 professionals.

Case Poliview

“Currently, at Poliview, all department management reports are based on data from the Ellevo Platform.”

Ronaldo Marcelo Pena – Development Manager – Poliview

See how Poliview has improved customer relationships with the Ellevo Platform.

Today, with the Ellevo Platform, responses are sent quickly, as one of the main improvements was the control of demands and consultation of previous history through calls and tasks. Another great benefit for the company was the implementation of the However module (VoIP, chat and remote access) which provided a better interaction with customers, increasing assertiveness.